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Weaning, bfing, constipation, not sleeping arrggg!

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Knakard Sun 16-Feb-14 21:06:55

So many issues I'm struggling to see the wood etc!
So dd is dc2 she is 6 months and 3 weeks not feeding issues really until weaning started at 5 1/2 months. Other than being a crap sleeper from the 4 month sleep regression which has never really solved itself. However despite 1 to 2 hourly (that's a good stretch) wake ups she has never been a boob monster at night and would resettle with cuddle/ sush pat.

Trying to do blw as did with day (6) with huge success. But she does not seem to want to feed her self, with the exception of cucumber for some reason?!? And just shouts to be fed but the 5/6 mouthfuls in gets very upset and wants out of high chair. She takes a good amount of water at each meal.

She is now also doing very little bf during the day but wants to feed all night which I am reluctant to deny as she has been quite constipated over the last 1-2 weeks so keen to keep fluids up.

Really don't know where I'm going wrong here. Meal times are becoming super stressful, which is the total opposite of my experience of blw ds which is why I loved it. Also feel like I'm getting her in the habit of bf so sleep now at every wake up.

Please help I don't know if I'm just so frazzled I'm missing the obvious.

CityDweller Sun 16-Feb-14 21:25:05

How are you timing her solids? I remember DD got really 'shouty' at solids a few weeks after I introduced them and I realised I was offering at a time when she was quite tired. I think it was just all a bit much for her (if you think of solids as if they're a new and exciting toy for DD, then I guess it makes sense that mealtimes could be overwhelming). I think they suggest, with BLW, to offer solids about an hour after a milk feed. It doesn't matter if that doesn't coincide with a 'traditional' mealtime - solids at this age are all about exploration and play, rather than actual eating.

When you say she 'shouts to be fed' - do you mean she wants you to hand her the food? Or she wants to be fed with a spoon? BLW is also, I think, about following your baby's lead. So if she wants you to hand her stuff, then I don't see the problem with that (but I'm not staunch BLW - I just did whatever - finger foods from the beginning, but also spoonfed DD stuff if she wanted it).

If meals are stressful, it might be an idea to just take a step back from it. How often are you offering solids? At that age, I only offered once a day, and made it fun/ a game. It didn't matter if DD ate anything or not - milk is still their main source of nutrition (until they're 1, in fact).

Re. the BF, sounds like she's reverse-cycling. Could just be that she's too distracted to feed during the day? If so, try the usual tactics of feeding in a quiet, boring room, minimising distractions, etc.

6 months is another common sleep regression time (I know!), so she could be going through that? It's also a Wonder Week, I think, which plays havoc with sleeping, eating and general mood.

Knakard Sun 16-Feb-14 21:38:39

Thanks for the reply!

I've pretty much ended up going to 3 meals straight away as she seemed to get really upset around "meal times" and offering the breast wasn't working but as soon as the high chair came out her face lights up.

I'll give her bits to play with then say just throws it all on the floor then shouts and screams till I put something in her mouth for her, she literally holds her arms out to the side and thrusts her face forwards making chewing faces then big smiles while she eats it but 5/6 mouth Fula I. Busts into tears so I take that as meal over.

Have tried all the usual taking her to quiet room to feed et. But she is just not interested.

CityDweller Sun 16-Feb-14 22:09:01

I'm absolutely no expert, but I think 3 meals is too much at this age. From what I remember, I think the suggestion is to be on 3 meals by 8-9 months old.

I would've suggested cutting back to just one offering of solids a day and bf on demand the rest of the time, but sounds like that's tricky as she's refusing bf? How long has that been going on for?

I think there's quite a good BLW discussion forum - here it is. You might trying posting on that - I found it helpful when I started DD on solids, and it gets more traffic than the weaning board here on MN.

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