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tips to stop Bf-ing 20 month old!

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rocket74 Sat 15-Feb-14 16:35:57

I really want to stop breastfeeding as my DD is now 21 months old.
But when she wakes in the night it is all she wants and cries if I don't.
I know some people will say let her cry it out - but thats really difficult as we have a DS with autism and her crying wakes him up crying and then he takes hours to resettle.
I know its just a comfort thing, I offer water - but its me she wants.
I have considered putting something bad tasting on my boobs - but not sure what?!

leedy Sat 15-Feb-14 17:06:21

You could try something like this to gradually get rid of the night feeds? We did it with DS1 at that age and it worked really well. I wouldn't try making your boobs taste nasty, that could be even more stressful for everyone (and/or she'll stop cold turkey, which could be a mastitis risk for you):

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