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Lumpy painful boob 2 weeks after stopping breastfeeding

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FreeButtonBee Wed 12-Feb-14 22:13:14

I fed my twins for a year and gave up just under 2 weeks ago. They were down to morning and bedtime only and sometimes took very short feeds towards the end and I hadn't felt engorged for months. No issues immediately after stopping feeding at all.

Today my right boob has gone all lumpy and sore along what feels like the ducts. I am wearing an under wired bra but it is a good fit, no underwire on breast tissue and plenty of room for general expansion.

I have taken ibuprofen but am slightly at a loss as to what it is given I had totally stopped a little while ago. Any ideas? Could it be period related (I've only had two since I have birth) and am due any time in the next week or so.

Obviously will go to the doctor if it gets worse but I'm not expecting them to have a vast deal of knowledge about such things, given previous experience

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