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Four month fussing and fighting. Will supply survive?

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callamia Mon 10-Feb-14 21:41:59

Just that really.
My four month old is ebf and has entered his fourth month complete with massive distractibility, increased night waking and a new found ability to refuse to feed (complete with 'help I am being attacked' shouting).

He now only takes four or five 'decent' feeds in the day (6am-10pm). These are around six minutes, but he's clearly getting a good amount out and he seems sated afterwards and rarely wants anymore from the other side. He's always been an efficient feeder, and I'm not terribly worried about weight.

I've tried afternoons of quiet skin to skin, and while we have a nice time, it doesn't increase feeding. My worry is that he's now only feeding for this short time every 3/4 hours, where it would be 2 until recently. Is there a potential risk to my supply? I do express most days (just around 4oz for back-up supplies), but I don't want to compromise the supply we've worked hard to establish.

I've read through previous threads on this topic, and found them reassuring, but I don't know how things turn out - essentially, will it be ok, or should I be doing something different?

BonaDea Mon 10-Feb-14 21:46:44

I think it will be absolutely fine. By this age he will be much more efficient at getting what he needs.

Even if this is a blip and he wants to start having more milk again later his increased demand would slowly result in your supply increasing again.

You could always express a bit more but I'm personally not a big fan of that and I would rely on his prompts to your body to produce what he needs.

Bf'ing is such a perfect system that honestly I don't think you need to fret.

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