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Cutting down breastfeeding and migraines

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WinterHasRuinedMyFace Mon 10-Feb-14 08:40:01

My dd is 6 months, and I am trying to introduce formula milk and stop bf in the day (but continue first thing, evening and overnight as long as necessary/I can).

I have been making the switch very slowly... One single serve carton across two days to begin with (for about a week), then this week I gave her a whole carton (across 2 feeds) in one day. The following day I had a migraine hmm.

Is it likely that the migraine and reduction in bf are related? I have suffered from migraines in the past, but usually related to caffeine (or lack of), and I have discounted that as a cause this time round.

If the two are related, what can I do to reduce the risk of another migraine as the amount I bf reduces?

Any advice gratefully received!

WinterHasRuinedMyFace Mon 10-Feb-14 12:22:08

Bump. Anyone know if there's a link and what might help?

SydneyB Mon 10-Feb-14 12:27:26

I suffer from migraines, but in both my pregnancies they completely stopped right up until I STOPPED breastfeeding. Then they were back like normal! So, obviously hormone related for me, might be the same for you.

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