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eek, missed meals and bf!

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mouseymummy Sat 08-Feb-14 18:39:32

Ds has been very unsettled this afternoon and dd2 hasn't napped properly again, plus I've had to get dd1 ready for a stay at her aunts as well as the usual washing/cleaning etc that goes along with a small baby, toddler and preteen.

Anyway, ds is 18 weeks, ebf and I've realised that I'veonly had 1 slice oof toast this morning. I've been that manic that I've simply not been able to get food, normally I'd get lunch with the dds but dd2 decided she wanted to go to bed at 12 and dd1 made her own. Do dd2had hers when she came down at 1. When dd2 came down I was in the middle of feeding ds, switching the washing from washer to dryer and putting in another load, and obviously dealing with a still tired and hungry toddler who didn't want food, just crisps and crap.

Will missing 2 meals affect my supply? I really hate to think that hes been starving hungry all afternoon. I'm on my own with them and feel bloody terrible. sad sad

Cakeismymaster Sat 08-Feb-14 18:46:28

Pretty sure it won't affect your supply, I've had that situation lots of times and not had any effects, apart from being starving and eating all my days worth of food and more once they were all in bed!

CuteLittleToes Sat 08-Feb-14 19:07:11

I've heard you have to be severely malnourished for it to affect your supply, so I wouldn't worry. Try to get some help and take care of yourself flowers

mouseymummy Sat 08-Feb-14 19:13:02

I must admit I'm starved now, normally don't have my evening meal until ddw2 is in bed so around 7ish. Due to no proper nap and her beinv very grumpy, I've out her down at 6 and that's when I realised what I'd done

Thank you so much for the reassurance.

Ds is still unsettled but I'm hoping a night in bed with chocolate and some cuddles time!

olaybiscuitbarrel Sat 08-Feb-14 19:21:12

It won't make any difference at all. As cute says, your body prioritises your baby and you would become malnourished before it would affect your supply.
When my dd was born and had to be in intensive care for a month, I could barely eat for worry, but managed to pump enough milk for her to be ebf - even though I lost weight so quickly I was back in my Skinny jeans by the time she came home!
Hope this reassures you.

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