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Amyt22 Fri 07-Feb-14 19:29:53

Hi I have a little one just over 4 months after every bottle she is sicky I have been using Sma the past 2 weeks she has been sleeping in the nights but very restless kicking her legs and arching her back. I have now bought aptimil anti feflux is this worth a go ?

highlandfling10 Fri 07-Feb-14 21:56:40

Hey sorry you are going through this – we did too with my DD, we tried several changes of formula but the one that made a massive difference was Hipp Organic. She went from projectile sick every other feed to virtually no sick for weeks, then just occasional sick after that. She was also on gaviscon powders in the milk from the docs. Friends who also went through this recommended Hipp to us.

I found baby massage helped when she was arching and in discomfort – oh and we used doctor brown bottles to help with wind.

The reflux really got alot better once she was able to sit up and when she started weaning. Hope things improve for you I remember how stressful it was, but it will get better. smile

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