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How to stop bf at 12+ months?

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Shocktothesystem Thu 06-Feb-14 20:08:58

My DS is 12 months now and although I don't really want to stop bf any time soon, we are wanting to start ttc for baby No2 and I feel I will have better chance of getting pregnant if I stop. I feel quite sad and a bit selfish about this, but I want to give ds a sibling close in age so it is for his benefit too.

The problem is I had never really thought about enforcing a stop and I don't know how to do it. I dropped his last night feed around 11mo as he stopped always waking up for it and when he did wake up he settled really easily with a cuddle so I stopped offering the breast. He also became quite indifferent to his afternoon feed and eventually stopped looking for it so I left that too. All that's left is his morning feed which I feel he is becoming quite indifferent to too and it is becoming shorter and shorter - I think he would prefer to get up and have breakfast and that this would be quite easy to stop. He does still like his bedtime feed though and it is the last thing we do before he goes into his cot so it would be quite abrupt to stop that.

My main questions are I think, would I offer cows milk in place of the feed in a cup or something? And throughout the day, would I offer milk at regular intervals as though on a milk regime? It is difficult because bf on demand means I dont really have a routine for when he would usually have milk whereas for people who bottle feed, most continue with the same timed bottle feeds of cows milk or formula. It is strange because he only has a bf morning and evening, so virtually no milk during the day which ive been told is fine, whereas bottle fed babies seem to still have a lot of milk in the day. So if I offered cows milk through the day i'd actually be upping his milk intake which I don't know is necessary? Sorry if this sounds a bit dim, im confused!

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