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Is it OK to just feed with one breast?

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KikiShack Thu 06-Feb-14 16:52:49

DD has developed an aversion to Lefty, although about a month ago she was the favoured side! Not sure if she's teething on one side so Righty had a better angle or if it's a question of flow, but she'll often cry as if not hungry after a minute or two on left, pulling on and off and getting more and more upset, then I switch over and she'll have a nice long 10 min feed then doze off.
I stealth use Left at night as I want them both working- what if the teething moves over?! Or if she flips again?
I still (DD is 17 weeks) time all my feeds on an app, so I know that before the aversion things were pretty 50/50, but since it started 2 weeks ago she normally had about 40 mins on Lefty (nighttime and a bunch of 2 min feeds I force or trick her into during the day) and at least double that on the right.
So... is it ok to just carry on as we are? Will my left supply be damaged if I don't keep up what I'm doing at the moment?
I realise this seems like a bit of a silly question. I just want some people to say 'me too' so I don't feel so odd.
I don't think I'm noticeably lopsided at least- advantage of having comedy large boobs is no one can tell if one is slightly larger!

NomNomNom Thu 06-Feb-14 16:59:32

Some people feed just from one breast for medical reasons, and supply will adjust. If you want to maintain supply in the 'unpopular' breast, definitely keep trying.

Do you think it's just the teething putting her off? Or perhaps letdown takes longer on that side so she prefers the other one because it's less work?

People on here usually recommend cranial osteopathy for this kind of aversion as it's possible that something physical is going on for baby that makes it uncomfortable to lie on one particular side.

But yes, one-breast only feeding can be done successfully.

Branleuse Thu 06-Feb-14 17:02:48

You may end up with massive uneven breasts afterwards, which may or may not bother you, but I would perservere with using both breasts, even if one is preferred over the other.
A lot of babies have a preference.

Have you tried feeding from the other breast but laying him in the same way, in case he just doesn't like being the other way round?
He may have a sore ear or something

tabbycat7 Thu 06-Feb-14 17:07:46

I have fed 2 babies on 1 boob, not at the same time! I developed mastitis when they were tiny and they wouldn't feed from the infected boob. I pumped for a bit with ds3 but with ds 4 I couldn't be arsed! Ds4 is 15 months and I'm still bring so it's definitely possible! I was going to say about being lopsided, but I don't care and dh thinks its funny smile

Cakeismymaster Thu 06-Feb-14 17:54:45

Me too smile
My dd is 21 weeks and is the same, she has a daytime fave and a nighttime fave - it's all stealth feeding here too. I've found my supply has adjusted a bit to cope and when it gets a bit comedy I either express a bit off the mega boob or make sure it's used by stealth at next feed.

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