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Ruin your day...

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maffive Wed 05-Feb-14 22:55:16

Just seen a link to this little ditty on YouTube.

It's quite funny, if annoyingly catchy. But I thought it would appeal to any bf'ers who've ever been made to feel uncomfortable for feeding in public.


GeordieJellybean Wed 05-Feb-14 23:02:32

Lol that's going to be stuck in my head for weeks!
Really enjoyed it, thanks for posting grin

PieceOfTheMoon Wed 05-Feb-14 23:09:43

Ha ha, brilliant grin. I'm sure my tits have ruined many a day in their time

TheseAreTheJokesFolks Wed 05-Feb-14 23:20:11

Excellent. Needed a slogan for my tshirt

Thesejokes* - ruining people's days for six years and counting.

*my tits are a joke actually: soft strong but very very long, no wait, that's bog roll

maffive Wed 05-Feb-14 23:35:51

Yes, sadly my time of ruining peoples day with my tits is long gone, but I remember it fondly. Now it's just my tits that are ruined wink

LegoCaltrops Thu 06-Feb-14 07:14:33

That's brilliant! grin

Sid77 Thu 06-Feb-14 07:20:53

Love it!

MissRatty Thu 06-Feb-14 07:28:55

Love it!

HoratiaDrelincourt Thu 06-Feb-14 07:50:28

Love it!

But I'd only just got it out of my head... wink hmm

froubylou Thu 06-Feb-14 09:00:05

Thanks for that it's fab!

Can't wait to show my dp who is terrified every time I bf in public.

Will be singing the song every time I feed now.

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