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Ok, help! Exactly how I go from 3 ff a day to cows milk?

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u32ng Wed 05-Feb-14 21:07:35

DS is now 1 & on 3 ff bottles a day: waking , late morning & bedtime. He takes anywhere between 5-8oz at a time & averages about 20oz.

Anyway I want to start moving him to cows milk & in a cup but I don't know where to start!

How much cows milk does he need?
Do I just put cows milk in his bottle to begin with or just go cold turkey & offer it in a cup? (His cup only holds 180ml though)
Also how do you give them cows milk when out & about? Have milk in a cool bag?

Sorry if these are dumb questions!

lilyaldrin Wed 05-Feb-14 21:11:54

About 12oz of cow's milk is sufficient, and that can include cheese, yoghurt etc.

I would start by giving his late morning milk in a cup and seeing how he likes it. I wouldn't worry particularly about milk when out and about though. Maybe switch the morning milk to a cup too? Lots of toddlers still like the comfort of milk in a bottle at bedtime though - if you keep that then just ensure you brush his teeth after milk before bed.

RicStar Wed 05-Feb-14 21:15:23

I made one change at a time so day time bottles to cup then formula to cows milk. It took dd a long time to drink much from cup so I left night time bottle for a month or so. I used formula / toddler milk in the ready made up cartons for when really going somewhere where couldn't buy normal milk but didn't make switch until a year so she didn't need that much day time milk then could have water to drink etc.

wintersdawn Wed 05-Feb-14 21:21:48

Dd had already been having cows milk on cereal etc by one, so I simply waited for formula to run out and switched all bottles to milk and she dropped the mid day one soon after as I started taking water with us and she was happy with that.

As for cups, she changed to the none spill bottles rather than use teat bottles for a long time before cups arrived on the scene. When I did start them it was at meal times not first and last thing.

scissy Thu 06-Feb-14 22:37:54

DD was happy with cow's milk in cereal but when I tried switching formula for cow's milk in a bottle she just spat it out as it was "different", so I did it 1oz at a time every couple of days for 2 weeks. She also dropped the afternoon feed at this time and was happy to have water in a cup instead (with a snack). So now I've just got to replace 2 bottles first and last thing for a cup. Not sure how I'm going to achieve this tbh, however I'm thinking of switching the morning bottle first as she has drunk milk out of a regular sippy cup before, we'll see about the evening one...

u32ng Sun 09-Feb-14 22:01:31

Well yesterday I tried to give his late morning feed as cows milk but I think he was NOT impressed with the type of tommee tippee cup!

So today I just put it into his bottle and he had an oz and was happy with that. So will just continue with the bottle for a bit & maybe meantime look for a different cup to try next weekend.

anothernumberone Sun 09-Feb-14 22:04:11

I think you are best making changes 1 by 1 if possible. First do the milk and then the bottle. My last bottle to go was always first on the morning as that bought you time to start the day.

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