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11 month old with chicken pox won't latch on

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JackieBrambles Wed 05-Feb-14 09:18:05

I posted in children's health but thought I'd see if anyone can help here!

My son is almost 1. He has chicken pox (we think) or it could be hand/foot/mouth - I'm taking him to the docs today.

But since yesterday morning he won't latch on to feed at all. He normally feeds at least 3 or 4 times a day so I'm worried.

It's like it hurts him to do so and he tries but then cries and wriggles away. I wonder If he's got pox on his tongue? He's excessively dribbly too - he never normally wears a bib but I'm having to change one every half hour because they are drenched. He also won't drink formula from a Tommie tippee closer to nature bottle and he normally is happy to have a few ounces that way.

I'm so worried that this is going to be the end of feeding for us. I tried to express last night and this morning as I'm worried for my supply and getting engorged too. But hardly anything comes out!

I was thinking I could call a bf helpline.

Anyone else had something similar?

Thanks sad

JackieBrambles Wed 05-Feb-14 09:20:29

Sorry should have said he seems to be able to tolerate drinking from a sippy cup so he's had a small amount of formula that way. And he's had water in a doidy cup too - I tried to give him formula in the doidy but he wasn't keen.

He's not eating much solid food either, a couple of token bites but then just cries.

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