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Do I need to give formula?

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Newmummy Thu 04-Mar-04 22:22:47

DS is now 6 months old. He is breastfed, and is being weaned. I'm getting to the stage where I know that over the next 3 months or so he'll drop a couple of feeds - do I need to give him formula, or will he get enough milk at his morning and night feeds, plus yogurt/breakfast/cheese etc etc to satisfy his needs? I had a very difficult start to b/f, and as a result, am keen to keep that as his source of milk.

Many thanks!

Chinchilla Thu 04-Mar-04 22:28:28

Newmummy - You will not need to give him formula. My ds naturally dropped feeds as and when he did not need them any more. As you say, you can give him yoghurts etc. When feeds are dropped, it is because the child is getting nutrients from their solids. If you top up with formula, your ds will take that in preference to his solids. Totally understand where you are coming from, as my bf'ing was hard for about the first month. It got better, and I managed to do it until ds was 14 months. At that stage, he was only having a morning feed, and of course, babies can have cows' milk from 1 year.

suzywong Thu 04-Mar-04 22:29:03

I would say as long as you do give plenty of the other foods you list then he will be fine.
I didn't introduce formula to DS1 until almost 11 months and he barely touched it then. He dropped all daytime BFs when he was about 13 months (walking by that time so no patience for a BF during the day).
I intend to do the same with DS2, also 6 months.
What I mean to say is that if they and you are established BFers then they will take what they need when offered the breast and your body will supply enough. Breast milk should be fine as his main source of milk (was with my strapping lad)
You could offer a bottle of formula in place of the afternoon BF, but honestly it is nothing to worry about if he's not really interested. His life is getting busy now and he will have you in the mornings and evenings.


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