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Is this normal?

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QuietNinjaTardis Mon 09-Dec-13 00:11:38

Dd is 2 days old, my milk has started to come in and she's been feeding more. But she doesn't feed for long before zonking out. Longest feed today maybe 20 min.
So she's been feeding on and off since I got to bed. Haven't slept yet as she will feed for 5-10 min then fall asleep. As soon as I get her settled in Moses basket she's awake again for another feed and so on and so on. Just a bit concerned Shes not feeding for long enough and also how long will this last? Don't particularly want to be feedin all night, will she settle for a longer stretch at some point? Tia.

QuietNinjaTardis Mon 09-Dec-13 00:23:25

Bumping in case someone can help.

zebdee Mon 09-Dec-13 00:26:04

Totally normal it's her establishing your supply. Expect her to feed constantly for 24-48 hours, it does pass though. Prepare for a long night I still remember the pain of waking up and realising only 10mins had passed since I put her down. I came so close to sending xp for formula that night!

QuietNinjaTardis Mon 09-Dec-13 00:27:36

Thank you! Will just keep at it. Have laid her down again so gonna try to get some shut eye. Thanks for replying.

leonardofquirm Mon 09-Dec-13 00:29:00

Yes totally normal I'm afraid! Your wee one is stimulating your body to make lots of milk.

It will take a little while to settle, the first few days are hard and I remember it being a bit bonkers again at about 3 weeks for me.

Evening 'cluster feeding' is also common for a lot of wee babies, they'll feed on and off all evening before maybe settling for a sleep.

Here's a great link about normal newborn nursing, kellymom site has lots of great well researched info

Congratulations smile

clarinsgirl Mon 09-Dec-13 00:29:10

Sounds normal to me, first few days are a feeding frenzy. She will start to feed for a little longer and sleep for a little longer but its a gradual process...

leonardofquirm Mon 09-Dec-13 00:30:17

Oops, cross post cos I took too long!

QuietNinjaTardis Mon 09-Dec-13 01:05:30

And she's awake again.

QuietNinjaTardis Mon 09-Dec-13 01:06:45

Thanks everyone. Think I may have got about 20 min sleep. Yay! [

zebdee Mon 09-Dec-13 20:36:58

It's passes hang on on there. smile

midori1999 Mon 09-Dec-13 20:52:12

I find the second night the hardest. That said, you may find that if she can sleep next to you that she sleeps longer. It's normal for newborns to want to be held constantly and her waking is probably as much about that as feeding. Feeding for 20 mins (if its active sucking) is great though and as has been said, frequent feeds are normal.

AnythingNotEverything Mon 09-Dec-13 21:23:33

Don't forget the Lansinoh!

QuietNinjaTardis Tue 10-Dec-13 16:01:16

Thanks guys. Got lansinoh. She had only lost 55g at midwife appt so she said that she was an effective feeder which is good to know. Still awake a lot of the night but just gotta get through it! Thanks for all the advice.

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