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Not sleeping at night, MiL wants to give a bottle

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TheABC Sat 23-Nov-13 08:48:10

For the past two weeks my EBF DS has gone from five hours at night to two hourly feeds. It accumulated into every hour last night and DS unable to settle from 4am as he had grown too big for his cot and started to kick the back, when he stretched out to sleep. (Aaargh!). I ended up co sleeping in the spare room as DH has a cold and was too drugged up to be safe in bed with the baby.

MiL thinks I should stop breastfeeding and introduce a formula bottle or food. It's not the first time she has suggested this (when we went to stay three months, it was the same suggestion for night nursing). Apparently, he is too hungry now and my milk is not enough to sustain him. I am feeling very upset and annoyed by this and I am struggling to bite my tongue after another sleepless night.

Please advise! How can I regain a good sleep regime (we are buying a larger cot today) and am I being idealistic for wanting to exclusively breastfeed until 6 months?

livingmydream612 Sat 23-Nov-13 11:29:46


Personally I remember this period well when bfeeding/growth spurts. It is very tiring however I think you should only introduce forumla if you want. Not because your mil wants. If you choose to alter or introduce bottle feeds/early weaning then try it. If you are happy feeding etc then maybe wait a week or two to see if it is just a growth spurt.

And well done you for bfeeding so long. I found it quite hard tbh. My baby was also a hungry girl.

tiredandtiredandtired Sun 24-Nov-13 04:22:25

Totally normal at this age. Growth spurt and developmental leap all occur around now. Stick in!

Cavort Sun 24-Nov-13 05:04:59

My 20 week old EBF DD is doing exactly as you describe. Was sleeping 11 hours with only one feed and now she's up 3/4 times per night and I have sore nipples again from all the feeding! She is piling on the weight though so I am not worried. I would like a good nights sleep though! If you look on the forums of parents with babies the same age as ours you will see many others are experiencing the same, whether FF or BF.

Your MIL is talking out of her arse and clearly knows nothing about the nature and benefits of sticking with BFing. She just wants you to give in and then say a big I told you so when your DC sleeps better. Except she is wrong and it won't work. smile

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