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So only one of my boobs is working, 4 weeks in, can I sort it out still?

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fuckwittery Sun 17-Nov-13 21:06:39

We have had thrush, snipped tongue tie ( not much improvement) , refusal to open mouth and my left nipple now so sore I have to stop feeding from it in the last 2 weeks. I tried to keep pumping and feeding once a day but with two older ones and extreme nipple pain I have stopped feeding and can no longer get anything more than drips from pump or hand-expressing, breast is now soft and about half the size of my right breast. So if the nipple finally heals, will I be able to get the milk back? Kellymom recommends expressing every 3 hours day and night but I am just not prepared to risk my sanity by doing that, no outside help, DH does shifts and have one at school one at pre school so am constantly doing school runs v few chances to sleep in day.
I'm also wondering if left nipple still has thrush as it doesn't seem to be healing. I really don't want to feed from one side only, the nipple I'm feeding from getting sore just from sheer amount of feeds, I feel like she's constantly on that boob, so am supplementing with formula in the evening. DDs 1 and 2 never had a drop of formula and I fed successfully til 16 and 18 months so this is totally new to me! Anyone been through this?

Meringue33 Sun 17-Nov-13 21:08:48

Not sure. However, my left boob packed it in at 8 months (LO has always had strong preference for right), and at 10 mo I'm still feeding from the right...

Meringue33 Sun 17-Nov-13 21:10:00

Apols didn't read your post properly sorry see you don't want to feed from just one... Hope someone more useful will be along soon thanks

fuckwittery Sun 17-Nov-13 21:13:33

I know its possible to feed from one only but I suspect I'll end up packing in breastfeeding a lot earlier and/or supplementing a lot as it will be much harder for one boob to cope in growth spurts. And, v vainly I really really dont want to be totally lopsided for months, my natural boobs are about a B/C cup and my breastfeeding bra is a G cup!

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