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Gripe water with ff baby

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emmoB13 Sun 17-Nov-13 12:01:26

My baby is not very windy during the day but on an evening he struggles to get his wind out and wriggles around in pain. The only way i have found to settle him is sitting him in his bouncy chair and just bouncing him until he drops off which can take a while! I'v used infacol but it just made him sick which he very rarely is so should i give gripe water a go with his evening feeds? I'v heard conflicting advice on whether doctors recommend it or not. Anyone had any luck with it? Also did you put it in their bottles or with a syringe?


MrsMangoBiscuit Sun 17-Nov-13 12:46:43

We have a little one with colic and reflux, who's on infant gaviscon with every feed. (making a big difference, thankfully!) Sometimes she still struggles with her wind, and when she does we use gripe. She doesn't much like the syringe, so I mix 5ml gripe, with 5ml freshly boiled water in a sterilised bottle, which she's much happier with, although she usually only drinks half. My GP said if it's working, keep using it, and that there's no problem using it with the gaviscon.

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