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Feeding twins still painful at 9 days - latch or still getting used to it?

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littleomar Wed 13-Nov-13 21:09:20

I'm EBFing 9 day old twins and still finding it really painful getting them latched on. i can't manage tandem feeding because I can only deal with the pain on one side at a time, so I'm spending hours feeding and not getting any sleep.

They cluster feed between 9 and midnight which is the hardest bit to get through, then generally end up sleeping on me which I really don't like - I try to stay awake but often end up sleeping a couple of hours that way. They won't settle in their cot at all (at night - in the day they are quite happy there).

Latch looks ok at face value. Both are gaining and we've avoided top ups, lots of yellow poo and wet nappies. my nipples aren't sore and scabby - the pain is more inside the nipple.

I'm sure it didn't carry on hurting as long with my first two, but not sure if it is positioning or just because everything is doubled. Any advice on feeding or sleeping welcomed!

HoneyandRum Wed 13-Nov-13 22:14:47

The best advice I got regarding latch is that your nipple should be aimed at the roof of the baby's mouth - that way they seem to get a really good latch and pressure on the milk ducts so they control the flow of milk.

Don't like the sound of any pain when feeding, I would get advice from LLL.

cindyrella Thu 14-Nov-13 01:58:43

What kind of pain is it? Is it the whole feed or the beginning?

littleomar Thu 14-Nov-13 05:01:35

Mostly the beginning. Eases off after a minute or so.

HighVoltage Thu 14-Nov-13 09:05:39

Littleomar - re sleeping I had the same issues early on. I think you'll be too tired to tackle this now but as long as you think the babies are safe don't worry about them sleeping on you for a wee bit, I think most breast feeding twin mums I know have ended up doing that.

Once I had a couple of hours sleep more than once at a stretch (3-4 weeks) I tackled putting them into baskets/cots at night - it's a good sign they will sleep in them during the day.

It sounds like you're doing a brilliant job feeding but sorry to hear about pain. Unlike DS1, with DTs I have quite a "prickly" let down but it's only there for maybe 5 seconds max.

Hopefully someone qualified can help with the pain issue. If it's inside the nipple and shooting pains up it could be thrush - but maybe early for that and as I say best to speak to someone more qualified.

littleomar Sat 16-Nov-13 18:37:34

Thanks all - we made it to a baby cafe on thurs and a bfc checked latch - pain much reduced. T1 sleeping in cot for a stretch now; don't feel as precarious with one co-sleeping so we're getting more rest too.

cindyrella Sun 17-Nov-13 03:06:33

Thats fab news. I had v. painful let down which is why i asked. It felt like shards of glass coming thru my nipples in the beginning of a feed and eased off after a minute or so. That lasted 3 weeks or so and now feeding just tickles.

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