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Desperate, advice please

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nemogirl1 Sat 09-Nov-13 21:19:32

Hi all,
I'm after some advice- I am literally at the end of my tether now. Lo is 22 weeks old. He is exclusively breastfed, used to self settle until he hit about 16 weeks and wake around 2-3 times per night. He is very active and advanced, and has always been a very fussy feeder feeding no more than 5 minutes in the day and up to 10 minutes in the night. so on the advice of the health visitors I began weaning at 17 weeks. After about 3 weeks of hell, where he would wake 5-6 times a night and began sleeping on his front as well as getting very fussy, I decided to stop with the weaning. I can't say I've noticed any improvement since stopping and have been to health visitors, breast feeding specialist and a doctor. Last week I asked a breast feeding specialist to check his latch and she said he still had a tongue tie (was snipped at 14 weeks) and we had it resnipped on friday. After making a fuss at the doctors, he contacted a pediatrician who said ruling out infection they would go with my suggestion of silent reflux. We tried initially gaviscon and now he is on 0.5ml of ranitidine 3x a day (75mg/15g)- he weighs 16lb 1. The only difference I have noticed is that hewill sleep on his back again. These are the sypmtoms:

- unsettled feeder, fights breast and now refuses bottle completely
- hates being on his back, arches and fights to be sat up (has since birth)
- never takes a large feed
- always has his fingers in his mouth and quite often gags himself
- probably the worst one is the noise he makes like he is trying to clear his throat, very hoarse noise, constantly being made- usually with fingers in his mouth at the same time.
-suffered from colic like symptoms when younger when I had dairy- cut it from my diet then.
-he is sick fairly often but not huge amounts and not all the time

I'm tired, upset that every night we have a screaming battle which ends up him being rocked to sleep before waking every hour or 2 and quite honestly fed up. I love him to the moon and back but I need answers now . Is it just me, are the doctors right that this is just a phase or is something more going on?? I have to phone doc on wed and he said if no improvement the pediatrician will see me but I dont want to seem like a hypochondriac wasting their time if it really is just me

Sorry for the essay x

Chanatan Sat 09-Nov-13 21:31:20

You have my sympathy,it might be better to post this in breast and bottle feeding,there are some helpful people there.

nemogirl1 Sat 09-Nov-13 21:34:32

Where do I find that? I looked on the main list and this was the only one i could find that I thought I could fit it in x

Chanatan Sat 09-Nov-13 21:36:54,hope thinks get easier for you soon.

nemogirl1 Sat 09-Nov-13 21:37:53

Thanks x

Jiltedjohnsjulie Sun 10-Nov-13 10:06:05

If you press report on your original post you can ask MNHQ to move the entire thread OP smile

I'm not trained but this sounds very much like tongue tie issues. Is there a local BFC or a lactation consultant you could see?

CatHackney Sun 10-Nov-13 12:08:46

I ended up co-sleeping (with a bedside cot) because my baby woke up so often for feeds in the night. I found that it allowed me to get a lot more sleep because when my LO woke in the night, I only woke for a minute to help him latch and then fell right back to sleep. If you were getting more sleep, all of your problems would probably seem a whole lot more manageable!

There is no evidence that formula is better for babies with reflux, though the antacids may help. Reflux is, however, something that babies do just grow out of eventually, so if your baby is gaining weight ok, I think the biggest problem is probably that you're not getting enough sleep to function.

Also, there is nothing wrong with a baby - especially one of 22 weeks - sleeping on his front. You are meant to put him down on his back, but if he rolls to his tummy, that's absolutely fine.

Also, babies just wake up a lot in the night. I think the people claiming to have a baby who "sleeps through" are in the small minority and they've just struck it lucky. "Normal" is waking up several times a night.

Chin up, it does get better!

duende Sun 10-Nov-13 19:32:43

Hi, it does sound like it could be silent reflux to me. It could be that he needs more time on ranitidine, or a higher dose, or ranitidine is not working for him and you should ask for omeprazole. I'd insist on seeing the paed.
Cow milk protein intolerance (which he may have if improved once you cut out dairy) and reflux often go hand in hand and many babies need dairy free diet AND medication, what meds and what dose is often trial and error.
Good luck!

Jiltedjohnsjulie Sun 10-Nov-13 21:46:29

If you do think it may be an intolerance, there is some good info here and here. If he's been more settled since you've cut out dairy it could be a coincidence so its important to get him tested smile.

Feeding for 5 or 10 minutes can just be how he is and isn't an indication of a problem by itself. My dd would only ever feed for 10 minutes from birth.

Waking frequently can also be common at this age. Think there is a development leap around this age but the wonder weeks website or book will tell you more. It's also common for sleep to change at 16 weeks, its the 4 month sleep regression. There's more on what is normal infant sleep here and here.

Sorry I didn't have much time when I posted before. Have you had any RL support since the snip on Friday?

Have every sympathy with you, my DS had tongue tie and also upper lip tie and he was very much how you describe your DS. We too were advised to wean early and if anything it made him worse, although I didn't even know about tt back then.

MinnieMousse Sun 10-Nov-13 23:12:24

All these symptoms, and most particularly the noise in the back of the throat, immediately scream to me silent reflux. Both my daughters were like this and within 24 hours of being on the correct reflux medication, both stopped doing it. If I were you I would get to the GP as soon as possible. Be warned though, not all GPs are knowledgeable about reflux. Emphasise the vomiting as lots of GPs are not familiar with silent reflux (which causes the baby a lot of pain). Try to get a paediatrician referral if you can. Insist on them trying you on something (most likely this will be Infant Gaviscon, which is not very good but better than nothing). If it helps a bit, go back and say you've seen some improvement but ask for something else.

Also, look into tongue tie and intolerance as mentioned above. Both can be associated with reflux.

MinnieMousse Sun 10-Nov-13 23:15:17

Duh, sorry just re-read more carefully and saw that your LO is on ranitidine. He seems to be on the lowest possible dosage - my DD1 at that size was on 1.5ml. For DD2, ranitidine didn't work and she had to try omeprazole, which worked really well. Ask your GP for the safe dosage range for the Ranitidine for his weight (they should give you a minimum and maximum possible dosage). Push for the paediatrician appointment as they often have more experience at prescribing the medication.

nemogirl1 Mon 11-Nov-13 08:27:11

We were given the ranitidine last Wednesday, cant say ive really noticed any difference. After his tongue was snipped again (he was in considerable pain this time despite them saying they dont feel anything) the only difference is that im sore now when he feeds and my nipples look slightly different. No improvement otherwise! I have to phone again Wednesday and I think we will be referred to see the pediatrician.. would much rather see them sooner as the doctor doesnt seem to know anything about it!! X

Jiltedjohnsjulie Mon 11-Nov-13 20:25:39

Memo if you are sore you need some RL help with the bfing. Is there a Bfing support group you can get to tomorrow?

Jiltedjohnsjulie Mon 11-Nov-13 20:31:01

Sorry nemo. Blame the autocorrect and not the wine hic.

nemogirl1 Mon 11-Nov-13 20:40:11

Im doing peer support training with a feeding specialist (she did his tt Friday too) so will catch up with her see what she thinks x

Jiltedjohnsjulie Mon 11-Nov-13 20:42:35

Sounds like a really good plan and if you could see her before the doctors appointment, even better smile

minipie Mon 11-Nov-13 20:46:05

I found it was a while after DD's TT snip (at 16 weeks) to notice an improvement, about a week iirc. So give the snip a chance to work. I second getting the ranitidine upped too.

nemogirl1 Mon 11-Nov-13 21:37:10

Fingers crossed. The first time he had it cut anterior he improved immediately as he no longer slipped off the breast when feeding. Ill try be patient, so hard when youre so tired!

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