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7.5 month old feeding all night - please help!

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ab00 Fri 08-Nov-13 04:13:06

Ds2 has never slept through & had woken for 2 feeds a night for a few months (which was a huge improvement from where we started) bat illness when it all goes to pot but would eventually settle back down. Over the last week or 2 things have been getting progressively worse with more & more frequent wakings.
Tonight it took nearly 2 hours to settle him, he then woke up 3hrs later wad fed put back down, awake within 30 minutes rocked,cuddled & given calpol as thought could be teething - wouldn't settle so was fed again & had woken again 1hr later. Tried to cuddle/rock back to sleep but he wasn't having a bar of it, throwing himself around & getting agitated so had been fed again. None of the feeds are particularly big feeds either although he is swallowing. Usually by 5 or 6am he ends up in bed next to me. The other night we tried this from around 4am but he wanted to constantly suck & kept getting very annoyed if my boob moved away from him so was hideously unrestfull.

I'm on my knees with tiredness & could literally cry with the exhaustion & frustration of not knowing what's wrong with him. My patience is wearing thin which makes me feel hideous as he's just a baby & can't help it (I hope!). I'm at a complete loss as to what to do & starting to feel quite desperate about it now.

plummyjam Fri 08-Nov-13 08:20:46

I have been going through a similar experience so I understand your desperation! DD is now 8.5 months old and has never slept through but the last couple of months have been pretty horrendous sleepwise. A combination of teething (6 teeth coming through over the last 8 weeks) and a lot of development; crawling, cruising etc have caused severe sleep disruption to the point where she has been waking hourly, sometimes every 45 minutes.

To cope with it I have been co-sleeping and feeding to sleep when she unsettles but I think this has created a situation where she can't resettle herself without the boob.

Things really came to a head a couple of days ago when I was ill with gastro. I couldn't sleep and was puking half the night and didn't get any sleep at all because I was feeling so ill. It made me realise that DD was actually feeding every 45 minutes all night from the moment she went down at 7pm.

Yesterday I decided something had to change so I've stopped feeding her to sleep for naps. She actually settled fairly easily with only a minute of grizzling for her 2 naps yesterday. Last night I decided to only feed her once in the night, but ended up doing 2 as she's had a cold and not been eating much in the day (fed at 7, DH put her to sleep at 8.30, I fed her again at midnight and 3.30). I gave her one of my tops as a comforter. She had a couple of grizzles in the night but settled herself by biting on my top. We're still co-sleeping for now but this is a massive achievement already!

I know it's only the first night but I think having a strategy (not feeding to sleep, limiting night feeds) has helped me to feel more in control of the situation which was getting out of hand.

Having said that, I'm not sure I could have done this any sooner as the teething really really disrupted her sleep as has the recent cold. I don't have any real advice but I just wanted to let you know that I'm in the same boat, but hopefully now seeing light at the end of the tunnel!

ab00 Fri 08-Nov-13 09:38:58

Thanks for replying & sorry you've had the same nightmare as me! It is strangely reassuring it's not just me going through this.

I've been trying not to feed him every time he wakes up in the night & sometimes he'll settle with a cuddle, others he won't. Daytime naps are pretty hit & miss - he's never been a great napper either! With a nearly 2yr old to look after too I've not had the time I had first time around to work on it as much as I'd like either blush so I'm probably partly to blame for bad habits.

Also weaning had been hard work & although he's on 3 meals a day I wouldn't say that they are 3 good solid meals yet. Although he's getting better & taking more meaning he's feeding less in the day (coupled with being a nosey little mite who's f I distracted at the slightest thing)I'm not convinced it's enough yet for him to not need a feed at night.

The frustrating thing is I know he can sleep longer than he is doing. Me & dh have agreed this morning that we'll work on it as best we can for now but if it's not improved by the start of December (when dh is made redundant & if he hasn't found another job to start straight away) then we're going to have a team effort of really wording on his sleep.

Until then if anyone had any suggestions. .....

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