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Breast v bottle

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youaremychocolatecake Fri 08-Nov-13 01:31:45

I'm on baby number 2 and we're only a week in. But I seem to be having a wobble about breastfeeding and I'm wondering if people can offer up an advice or reassurance.

My first baby was mix fed, i didn't get much bf support at the hospital meaning I panicked and started giving bottles and attempting bf until he latched at 3 days and then I continued to mix feed at home until around 6 months as I didn't have the supply to exclusively bf him. Seemed to work ok for us.

This time I've decided I'd rather not use any formula (even tho I'm not a bottle basher but it's drummed into us, breast is best right?)

So here I am a week in with baby number 2. He latched on straight after his c section birth and is feeding amazingly well. The feeds are very sporadic as I'm guessing is normal at this early stage but i seem to literally be spending ALL day and night feeding him which is fine right now as I have my mum staying to do school run and cooking for me so I have time to sit on the sofa all day and feed but I'm worrying about what will happen when she leaves? My partner sometimes works 7 days and in have the needs of a 4 year old to consider. I just don't seen how I will have the time to sit and feed the baby all day every day.

I was planning to hire a hospital grade breast pump so I can start pumping off some bottles in preparation for the next couple of weeks. That way I could have some help with feeds while I do other stuff with my older son and see to some chores and eventually be able to spend some time away from the baby. but my midwife said today she really wouldn't recommend it and to try and stick to feeding from the breast or it could mess with my supply and/or cause nipple confusion (baby currently uses a dummy with no issues)

On the other hand I'm looking around at bottle feeders (ff) and thinking they have it easy and the babies seem happy and content,
Sleep better and they seem to have more of a life. I'm not wondering if I'm making my own life more difficult by breastfeeding and feel like throwing in the towel which would be a shame at this early stage.

I love breastfeeding my baby but I just feel like I'm going to have a full time job with little time for my older son or anything else. Is it really the wrong thing to do to pump some milk to share the load a little bit? Just need some reassurance and advice really. At that weepy stage! X

redcaryellowcar Fri 08-Nov-13 02:06:21

I only have one dc, dc2 due march so no experience of bf whil4st looking after an older one too, but can say from dc1 that the initial feeding all the time passes quickly and for me the thought of faffing about with sterilising and making up bottle seemed a lot of hassle compared to whipping a boob out!

HenD19 Fri 08-Nov-13 02:56:52

Hi and congratulations! I have 3DC and have mixed fed, bottle fed and breast fed so, like you, I have mixed experience. I think it's early days with your baby and doubt you will need to be sitting breastfeeding all day in the coming weeks. If you can get through the first few weeks of unpredictable feeding on demand I really think that breastfeeding is sooo much less hassle and a lot nicer (obviously in my humble opinion).

I speak from experience as DC3 was born in May so I had a half term of school runs to fit in and then 6 long weeks of the summer hols where DC2 and 3 had chicken pox and DC3 spent the week in hospital with cellulitis.

I think it depends on which way you want to feed as obviously there are pros and cons to both ways. You have to decide what the best way is for you, your baby and your family.

HenD19 Fri 08-Nov-13 03:00:20

Oh and I forgot sorry.....,I personally wouldn't bother expressing as surely that's an extra job to fit in and take you away from your 4yr old and would it not be mainly you doing the feeding anyway other than the odd bottle so would still take time?

justwondering72 Fri 08-Nov-13 06:42:42


How do you do your school run? If it is on foot, then a decent sling will be a great investment. It's early days but before long you'll be able to feed your lo, pop in sling and head off.

Ds 1 was the when Ds2 was born. It was tricky, but we got through it, with me doing pretty much all the school runs (back and forward for times a day) and house stuff. I think I was very organised and at the same time let my standard and expectations drop! Yes Ds 1 got less time and attention, but that's part of becoming a bigger family. And meals were often of the frozen, flung together variety. But it passes. A decent sling was my absolute bet friend for the first 6 months, at home to get things done and four out and about.

Is there no way your partner can take some time of or change his routine a bit? DH was able to do the school drop off one morning a week, it was such a relief

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