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Expressing at work & supply

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Bunnychan Wed 06-Nov-13 13:02:46

My LO is 5 months and I'm returning to work in a week. I've been giving her mixed bottles twice a day, which she takes fine then she is bfed the rest of the day. I was hoping not to have to express at work but think I'm going to have to at lunchtime and Then I will be feeding before & after work. Now I am wondering about my supply as I will be separated from her for about 10 hours a day. will pumping once be enough to keep my supply up now bfing is established? At weekends, should I bf her or keep up the bottles?
Also, she was crying for bf an hour after her bottle today- do odd feeds or extra bottle feeds affect supply anymore?
Many thanks :-) x

Bunnychan Wed 06-Nov-13 13:05:19

Forgot to say- she will be sent to the child mined with more than two bottles lol! That sounded a bit mean x

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