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Baby led weaning - starting solids

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pie Mon 23-Feb-04 13:04:33

DD2 is now 20 weeks and has yet to have anything other than breast milk pass her lips. I was planning on holding off till 26 weeks. BUT with increasing frequency when someone is eating she stares, entranced watching my mouth when eating. Indeed sometimes the only time she will stop crying is to watch me eat. Odd child. She hasn't made a grab for the food. But I was wondering anyone think she is just curious in watching? Or curious to try?

Clayhead Mon 23-Feb-04 13:08:40

Pie, both of mine have done this and I think it is just a curiousity thing, them watching what you are doing, how you eat in the same way as they watch us do other things. Ds, 25 weeks, is exactly the same at the moment. I personally don't think that it means that they need solids, IMHO.

Entranced is exactly the right word to describe it!

Clayhead Mon 23-Feb-04 13:09:46

BTW, ds has the same expression when watching dd dance/sing/run around, if that helps at all.

hercules Mon 23-Feb-04 13:20:06

I read on a previous thread a message by I think mears that this is a natural stage and does not mean they are ready for solids at all. My dd is nearly the same age as yours and has never had anything but bm, it will be interesting to see if we hold out for the 26 weeks.

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