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Don't night feed past 6 months

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solitudehappiness Thu 24-Oct-13 21:36:02

The kellymom link is amazing! It really is a great site, and I've saved it as one of my favourites. Thanks everyone for all your comments. I've got the babycalm book, and I've read bits and pieces, and have to say I'm really liking what I have read so far. I'm sure I'll get some time soon lol

BerstieSpotts Thu 24-Oct-13 17:22:23

Well of course, I'm sure they won't starve... but then a baby could probably survive for 2-3 days without food before starving, and we don't argue that it's fine to go away and leave them without milk for that length of time for our own convenience, so I don't see why it's considered fine to leave them all night without a feed either.

If they don't want feeding, then fair enough! But to assume that all babies should because some babies do is silly.

Booboostoo Thu 24-Oct-13 17:21:42

She is confusing bf with ff. There is some evidence that ff should be avoided at night later on as it pools in the mouth and tends to cause cavities.

On the other hand there is some evidence that bf actually strengthens enamel.

It is scary how much misinformation comes from health care professionals!

IHeartKingThistle Thu 24-Oct-13 17:18:22

They must be able to survive overnight - DD was sleeping 8 hours a night at 11 weeks sorry and was a good size. But DS didn't make it through till he was nearly 1 and wals clearly hungry, so we fed him. Swings and roundabouts I suppose!

humphryscorner Thu 24-Oct-13 17:00:48

Joanna what an interesting read!

had a conversation with MIL last night as she was surprised DD (6m) still wasn't sleeping through. Apparently both her boys slept through from 6 weeks old hmm and it sort of left me feeling I wasn't doing something right.

After reading that CC isn't some thing I will look at now - not that I was keen in the first place. Thank you for the link!

BerstieSpotts Thu 24-Oct-13 16:20:43

Sorry that was badly worded - I mean HVs don't get specific training about things like breastfeeding, sleep, etc.

Obviously they're not allowed to practice with no training at all smile

BerstieSpotts Thu 24-Oct-13 16:19:56

They give advice which is wrong because they get little to no training. So basically they're giving advice which worked for them/their friend/they read in a book/their cousin's mother's brother's aunt told them/sounds logical in their head/they read in a magazine somewhere.

Not the way it should be, but hey...

solitudehappiness Thu 24-Oct-13 16:17:31

Thank you everyone, including the links smile

owlface Thu 24-Oct-13 08:52:35

Thanks for the link Moku, interesting.

MokuMoku Thu 24-Oct-13 07:17:35

Make sure you brush her teeth before bed though once you start weaning. There was a study that found while breast milk alone is fine, if you add a small amount of sugar then it is very bad for their teeth.

solitudehappiness Thu 24-Oct-13 07:09:41

I will have a look at the websites suggested, thank you.
I've been given some really strange advice at this clinic and have actually decided now not to take dd there anymore. Even though its conveniently close, I feel they are giving out the wrong advice. Thank you to everyone who have feedback smile

FadBook Thu 24-Oct-13 06:15:31

Would you consider formally complaining about the misleading information and advice you've been given.

It's a vicious circle, if we don't educate on these things, they'll continue to dish out piss poor advice.

Letter / email with constructive points of reference and refer to evidence if you can. is good for evidence based information.

elQuintoConyo Thu 24-Oct-13 06:03:39

Pile o'wank. DS fed during the night until about 16/18mo, just one feed but that's what he needed.

You sound confident enough to trust your instincts smile

Sunnysummer Thu 24-Oct-13 05:39:48

Agree that this advice doesn't align with most data or even what dentists recommend. The only thing I've been told by mine is to avoid letting the baby suckle on and off throughout the whole night and stay latched on after falling asleep if cosleeping and bfing on demand (as we are) and if bottle feeding, not to allow falling asleep with a bottle in the cot.

RoadToTuapeka Thu 24-Oct-13 05:27:37

What silly advice. Babies the world over are (and some need!) feeding at night and not do do so when they are hungry would be cruel. And most people's teeth are fine as far as I can see. I fed my now nearly 3 year old til he stopped night waking around 10 months and his teeth are fine! And DS2 now 9 months us still waking and being fed.

JoannaBaxterIsARudeFucker Wed 23-Oct-13 23:17:25

clicky link for isisonline - fantastic stuff based on research rather than that old favourite, anecdata

OP I would hazard a guess that you didn't actually ask for any advice from them grin They just offered you a lecture their opinion for something to do.

solitudehappiness Wed 23-Oct-13 14:55:55

I'm puzzled as to why I keep being given advice which in my opinion is wrong??
I visit a clinic close to my home and feel they give terrible advice, but make parents who question it, feel they are bad parents for not listening.
Personally, I listen to dd and follow her demands and allow her to dictate when she feeds. smile
Thank you all for your comments. Think I'm just going to have to smile politely when 'professionals' offer advice smilesmile. If my baby is hungry going to feed her. If she's crying I'm going to pick her up too smile

your hv/nurse is in need of some training pronto

isisonline has some good quality info about normal infant sleep.

Some babies don't need to feed in the night at six months but they are unusual and bf on demand is the way to a happy healthy baby.

KatAndKit Wed 23-Oct-13 08:08:23

Mine couldn't go all the way to morning (to me that means 6 or later) untill around his first birthday.

ExBrightonBell Wed 23-Oct-13 07:57:42

My understanding is that breastfeeding is ok as it doesn't sit in the mouth like formula from a bottle, and it isn't as bad on teeth due to the different make up of it. Also if you clean their teeth after their last feed, there is a protective effect if you then feed in the night.

I can't believe that the HV genuinely means that babies should never be fed overnight. Mine needed 2 feeds at that point!

Gileswithachainsaw Wed 23-Oct-13 07:55:52

Six months is an age where theoretically babies can start going through the night not feeding. However it's always down to the needs of your baby and what your happy doing.

noblegiraffe Wed 23-Oct-13 07:55:31

No, it's not correct. If your baby is hungry in the night, feed her, don't leave her to cry. 6 months is too early to be night weaning, and I've never heard it suggested that early for their teeth.

solitudehappiness Wed 23-Oct-13 07:46:16

Was told this by health visitor/nurse when dd was weighed this week. Her reasoning that its bad for babies teeth to feed at night.
I smiled and left, feeling quite miffed?
Is this correct? So what would I do? Let dd cry?
Is this standard advice?

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