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8 mth ds only interested in bf-should i worry ?

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motherearth Fri 20-Feb-04 20:51:04

My 8mth old ds has been on 2 small meals for a few weeks now.I didn`t introduce solids until 26 weeks because of the strong family history of allergies, astma and eczema. He was doing fine on 2 home cooked meals a day.Usually steamed veg at lunchtime and fruit for tea.We had to stick with dairy free, gluten free and wheat free because his sister has so many severe allergies. He is now refusing nearly all solid food and quite happy solely breastfeeding.He has got into the habit also of feeding 2 hourly overnight.I know hes not going hungry because he cries at night as if hes never been fed, but falls back to sleep within 5 mins of latching on.He has plenty of wet nappies and is gaining weight.I do worry though that he is missing out on iron ect ?
Has anyone had a baby who is happy to just breast feed at this age? Should i persist more with the solids ?
Would appreciate any advice.

twiglett Fri 20-Feb-04 21:11:11

message withdrawn

mears Fri 20-Feb-04 21:22:32

My friend had a ds who was still only breastfed at 8 months. Keep offering solids, ytr giging them before a B/F. He will eventually eat. It might be a good idea to try not to offer the breast during the night - that way he will be more hungry during the day. Send your DH/DP to settle him at night.

Eulalia Fri 20-Feb-04 21:24:31

someone on this board said they didn't give their baby solids till s(he) was 12 months - will see if I can find the post. I'd not worry too much about the iron as the stores do deplete quite slowly however I am sure you could try some fish/meat. No allergy issue there is there? I ddin't give my dd solids till 6 months either or dairy till a year but did give her fish and meat. Salmon is quite sweet tasting and you can mix it with pear for example. Maybe the food is too bland for your ds.

My ds didn't really take to solids till he was about 9 months and is now a good healthy normal size.

REgarding the night feeds - are you sleeping with your ds or getting up to feed him every 2 hours?

motherearth Fri 20-Feb-04 21:37:18

Hi,I am sleeping with him because it is less tiring, but now he wont settle in his cot .
Mears i was offerring him solids prior to his bf until i spoke to the nct.They told me to offer bf first.I think i will go back to trying solids first as we were doing ok then .

Tamz77 Mon 23-Feb-04 17:02:07

My ds is like this, only slightly younger: 6 1/2 months. He's not interested in solids at all; on occasion he has taken them willingly but, having started offering them at 24 wks, he is now 29 wks and I'm lucky to get one or two spoons of anything down him. He's also eating MORE at night, 3 feeds between midnight and getting up, as well as a couple of comfort feeds/cuddles earlier on.

I think a lot of my DS's problems with solids is due to teething. He's cut two bottom teeth (at the same time) and there's just no way he's starving every three hours at night; I am persistent with the solids and he can swallow when he gets them in there, so I'm positive he'd eat more if he was really that hungry.

My HV said to take a vitamin supplement with extra iron to ensure he's getting everything he needs from my milk. I'm also considering asking for vitamin drops to put in his food, as I've just read an NCT book that says they should be given to all breastfed babies when they start solids (govt. recommendations). At least with these 'added extras' we can be reassured they are not missing any essential vitamins.

Other than that I'm just going to keep trying new things. In the last couple of days I've offered petit filous (not interested!), my mum suggested mashing a rusk in milk to try. There will probably be favourites, eg my ds doesn't like apple (it is quite sharp on its own) but is OK with pear, he likes sweet potato, and will at least taste most things that are mixed with baby rice (rather than clamping his mouth shut completely!).

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