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Bedtime and breastfeeding!

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MadameJ Wed 02-Oct-13 15:50:48

Dd2 is 14 weeks old and ebf. I also have a 2 year old dd.

We have a bedtime routine in place for dd1 but I am struggling to see how to adapt it for dd2 as her last feed lasts for ages (about 1 - 1.5 hours).

At the moment I do dd1's bedtime and then settle down to feed dd2 which takes the rest of my evening. Is this usual or has anyone got any better suggestions? I would like some time to myself in the evenings but I am fine with it at the moment whilst she is still so young but I do worry that dd2 should be going to bed earlier than the usual 10:00pm!

Bunnychan Wed 02-Oct-13 16:24:24

I wish I had the answer but I dont. I can't get my 17 w/o to bed before 9.30/10 either. Even getting her up earlier doesn't work

ScariestFairyByFar Wed 02-Oct-13 16:27:15

There still only tiny enough your time watching crap on tv and bf. it'll pass and then you'll miss it sad

Bloodsocks Wed 02-Oct-13 16:28:44

Sorry but at 6 months my dd still takes ages with her last feed. I take her up at 8 (will be moving to 7 when clocks change) she will finally fall asleep between ten and half past, wake an hour or two later feed for about 20/30 mins then sleep to anywhere between 4, 5 and 6.

MadameJ Wed 02-Oct-13 16:31:22

Thanks ladies, think I was just checking things out really as many people I have spoken to in rl seem to have their babies in bed much earlier. I'm fine with it for the time being!

MoneyMug Wed 02-Oct-13 16:37:26

Same here. DC1 goes to bed around 8, then 10 week old DC2 feeds for about 2 hours. Can't wait for him to start going to sleep earlier so I can have an early night or evening on my own.

HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs Wed 02-Oct-13 17:11:39

I put DS (bf 4mo) in the bath by 6.15pm and he is usually asleep by 8pm at the latest. Can you move his bedtime forward?

MadameJ Wed 02-Oct-13 18:53:54

Home, my main issue with that is dd1 as she still needs lots of help and her bedtime routine works so well that I cant really sit and feed for hours until she has gone to bed iyswim?

Splatt34 Thu 03-Oct-13 06:53:01

I stick them both (nearly 3 yrs & 4 months) in the bath together 6:30. Into pjs. Sit on DD1 bed & bf baby whilst reading stories. Both into bed (they started sharing a room last week) by 7:30. normally both asleep by 7:40.

(I am aware I am incredibly lucky to have a baby who seems to know she is tired & at that point just wants to be left alone in her cot & go to sleep!)

Sammie101 Thu 03-Oct-13 06:56:33

I have the opposite problem, my 9 week DD goes to bed at 7pm and sleeps till around 10pm, occasionally sleeping until 12! But if she wakes up at 5am that's her up for the day sad it's nice to have a few hours in the evening but normally by 8pm I'm exhausted!
It must be twice as hard for you though with a toddler as well, you have my utmost respect!

DeathMetalMum Thu 03-Oct-13 09:44:29

What is dd1's routine like? Could you fit in a few smaller feeds in before the last big feed?

Ours is like this
dd2- Nap around 2.30-4.30-5ish
feed around 5.30 (just before dinner)
6.00 dinner for everyone another bf after dinner 7ish
7.15 pj's for both girls
7.30 teeth followed by stories
7.45 dd1 in bed and dd2 being bf both are usually asleep by 8 dd2 sometimes closer to half past just depends.

We have seemed to have worked out naps this week meaning dd2 isn't overtired or just woken up from a nap - this had made bedtime much easier.

MadameJ Thu 03-Oct-13 15:21:22

Splat, that sounds amazing!!

Deathmetal, we have a similar routine to yours really and I do offer lots of boob in the early evening but she still seems to want a mammoth feed before bed. I am starting to think it's something that will in time change and I probably shouldn't grumble x

PrincessRomy Thu 03-Oct-13 15:30:20

Why does no one admit this stuff in rl. Ds 8 weeks doesn't go to bed until 10-11pm, dd (2) is up at 6. It's normal but I get the impression from people in rl that their babies are in bed by 8. It just stresses me out thinking there's something different I should be doing. I remember from dd being a baby it did just suddenly sort itself out. It's hard to remember that when you're in the thick of it.

Splatt34 Thu 03-Oct-13 16:49:27

I am very aware we are very lucky. I don't admit it in real life often for fear of daggers!! DD1 was the same, slept through from 12 weeks, self settled to sleep (well with a sound and light show). DD2 though is a bit wierd (good wierd) in that she shows really obvious I'm tired now cues at which point she won't be held or fussed she wants ti be put down. within seconds of doing that her thumb is in her mouth and without crying sge's asleep minutes later.

If I knew how we'd done it I could make millions!!!!!!

NoComet Thu 03-Oct-13 16:54:38

DH put DD1 to bed, I fed DD2 to sleep often about 10pm.

Worked perfectly well for around 6 years

NoComet Thu 03-Oct-13 16:56:41

Then she got too heavy to carry up stairs and had to be prodded and told to wake up, climb the stairs and clean her teeth.

DeathMetalMum Thu 03-Oct-13 17:28:11

Just worth noting dd2 is now 6months and has gone from a 9-10pm to gradually earlier. Funnily enough dd1 used to be regually be up until around 10pm or later but it didn't bother us as dp would get home from work at that time, we eventually changed this after about a year.

Do you feed in a dark room? This definatley makes dd go quicker, I also started letting her have a little play on the bed, which helped tire her out a little to sleep a little earlier - I wasn't worried about her milk intake or my supply at all by this point, she may settle in a few weeks after the 4 month growth/development spurt.

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