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Week old baby just won't latch on

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Surya Sun 29-Sep-13 10:52:07

And I am in despair. She is lovely, but very sleepy and was born full term but at 6 pounds, and either won't open her mouth wide enough to get a good latch, or simply snuggle up with the nipple in her mouth and go to sleep. She has managed to have one full feed since we got home after the foeceps delivery, which was so lovely, but the rest of it has been bottle feeding expressed milk. Please help.

Justyou Tue 01-Oct-13 14:39:00

Yes I was told that too and we used that position during it but it was the actual touching of the roof of the mouth that made baby latch on

Kimindi Wed 02-Oct-13 00:15:16

Its a very emotional time when you are unable to breastfeed. My breasts were just so big and nipples not pointed. I brought a Medela Swing breast pump (great product and so much easier than manual pumping). The midwife was great and I think even she thought i would never be able to breast feed in the end. I was shown and tried rugby ball style, lying down etc... During this time I used the medela calma bottles. It was around day 13 that he finally latched on (ok - only for a very short time but it was a latch). At first i could only get him to latch on one side but with time we were able to do both sides and increase latch time. I do not know if it will help but i used to use the pump to get the milk flowing and then try and get him to latched on. I also used special pads which you put in the microwave to heat up and then put on your breasts to help breast discomfort. I know it is difficult but keep trying (do not overdo it and also give yourself time to relax )and do not give up. I know its supposed to be the most natural thing to do and yet some of us (around 2% i believe) have problems. I used to get so so frustrated. Its well worth it in the end. My aim initially was to do 3 months. I am now still breastfeeding at night and he is nearly 14 months old. Good luck. From the sounds of it you are doing everything you can do. Give it time and enjoy your bundle of joy.

GuybrushThreepwoodMP Wed 02-Oct-13 07:02:43

How are you getting on OP?

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