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When did you start weaning your EBF baby?

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ColdTeaAgain Wed 25-Sep-13 09:33:28

Well just as I get comfortable with breastfeeding, now I'm worrying about weaning!

NHS advice says 6 months is the best time but I know lots who are starting at 4 months. My baby 15 weeks and I just don't think she's anywhere near being interested in anything but the boob! Should I just smile and nod at all the people telling me "nearly time for baby rice"? It feels like everyone is on my case to get her on solids!

Also, we have let her lead the way so far, so it would make sense to go down the baby led weaning route. Do they naturally start to show interest in food at 6 months or does the age vary a lot?

Need words of wisdom, worrying about it all the time now!

Bloodsocks Sat 28-Sep-13 11:48:05

Dd was 5 and a bit months. We've been at it 3 weeks now and she's doing well. Mostly still playing but is extremely capable of getting a loaded spoon into her mouth or a stick of pepper or cucumber. I started early as I'm very aware of me going back to work in 2 months time and dd will not drink formula, will not drink from a bottle and just chews on the sippy cup before spitting out whatever liquid she's managed to get in her mouth so I needed to give her the best chance of going without milk throughout the day when she is with the grandparents.

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