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BabsAndTheRu Tue 24-Sep-13 14:06:53

All three of my DCs did bite once they got teeth and DC1 caused a really nasty injury, thought he had bitten my nipple off as blood everywhere, just a really deep cut. To make them stop you are supposed to unlatch them using your finger and sit them away from you firmly saying no. Always worked for my sister and her kids but not mine. Tried and tried but gave up feeding them all at 10 months.
He might not do it but if he does try that technique and hopefully it will work. Know lots of other people it worked for as well, just not mine.
Good luck op.

crimsonwitch Tue 24-Sep-13 13:56:23

Hi, thanks, tried the tips on kellymom, but i think because its not a behaviour that is caused by or completely associated with breastfeeding it doesn't seem to help. There is a breastfeeding support group not far from where I live, but I find talking to new people terrifying difficult.

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 24-Sep-13 09:44:36

Have you read the biting info on kellymom? I'd try one of the bfing helplines too, have you got the numbers?

crimsonwitch Tue 24-Sep-13 00:37:15

I fed Ds1 without issue until he was 1, I am now feeding Ds2 nearly 5 months and he has had a strange habit of biting down hard on anything that goes near his mouth, he has been doing this from birth so doubtful that its a teething problem. He doesn't have any problems with wind (unless you count the immensely smelly wind that he happily farts out blush ) and the biting thing doesn't seem to be due to any discomfort on his part, just a quirk of his nature I expect. Its quite comical actually, anything near his mouth he snaps at like a little shark, he will cheerfully chomp down on his fingers, a muslin cloth, teether, his toes. When he gets something he wants in his jaws he clamps down really hard, tensing up his body and clenching his fists with the effort, Dp has nicknamed him pitbull, and he really does look like one sometimes. He will clamp down on my nipple occasionally. He doesnt do this all the time as he is a boob monster big hungry boy and doesn't tend to interrupt feeding with his biting, but when he does it HURTS. Im very worried that when he gets teeth he might actually bite my nipple off shock. All my internet research and attempts to stop him have so far failed but I dont want to stop bf early. Any one else have a baby/pitbull? what did you do?

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