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4 week old showing symptoms of cmpi and reflux

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sheeplikessleep Mon 23-Sep-13 19:30:10

Ds3 has, in the last week or so started to show a lot of the symptoms ...

Runny, snotty nose
Crying after feeds
Windy, humongous burps
Sick after feeds ... Mucousy rather than milky (DH thinks its the mucous that is making ds3 gag)
Rash on his face ... Small pinprick rash with white 'centres'
Gagging, as though he is choking ... Not when feeding, but in between feeds. This really upsets me, it's as though he holds his breath and about to be sick, it nothing comes up.

Ds1 was on gaviscon when he was a baby, but I've forgotten what I did and in what order. Feel a bit lost and bewildered, with where to start and what to do. I just remember cutting out all of the foods I love and it not really being obvious what the problem really was. I want to try to be a bit more definitive this time.

Any advice or thoughts really appreciated. How do I work out if its reflux or cmpi? Tempted to book dr apptmt, though we Have our six week check in 2 weeks.

Feel v grumpy I can't eat bar of choc with my name on it!!

sheeplikessleep Tue 24-Sep-13 15:38:37

He is sleeping on me, as he isn't a good sleeper

ellamaisietom Mon 26-May-14 12:51:13

Hi,my son is experiencing the same :-(
I have started a dairy free diet.....what has happened since?

MissRatty Wed 28-May-14 14:40:28

Ella, you should not start a dairy free diet without consulting your GP. If you suspect cow's milk protein intolerance (different to cow's milk protein allergy) you should also see your GP to get advice and support. It is probably a good idea to start another thread with your situation and others can comment. Some babies can tolerate the protein in their mother's milk, others (more rarely) can' takes about two weeks for the proteins to leave the system in mother and baby (again, do not stop dairy without speaking to your GP as you will likely need to be supplemented) and the length of time taken to notice improvements varies.

ShineSmile Wed 28-May-14 14:57:54

The problem is that most GPs don't understand CMPI, and actually even some pediatricians don't. Don't be surprised if they tell you it's fine for you to eat dairy, even if baby has CMPA.

What I would do is go to the GP and tell them you are going on a dairy free diet to see if it makes a difference to baby, and would therefore like a calcium supplement. I would at the same time ask for a referral to a pediatrician and/or a pediatric dietician. At the same time, get your vitamin D tested too, incase of deficiency and give your baby vitamin drops too daily.

ShineSmile Wed 28-May-14 15:00:25

Also from what you have described, especially the rash, it definitely looks like a food allergy (the allergy could be causing the reflux too).

If I were you I would go on a dairy, egg and soya free strict diet for three weeks and see if it makes a difference. If it has made a difference, then re-introduce egg, see what happens, and then soya last.

TheScience Wed 28-May-14 16:02:23

My DS2 has a lot of the same "symptoms" - he's mucusy with a snotty nose, he's very windy/burpy/sicky and he also does the retching/gagging thing. He 12 weeks now and seems to have mostly grown out of the retching, I think a lot of babies are a bit refluxy like that.

He also had awful baby acne from maybe 2-6 weeks but clear skin now.

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