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help one side dried up.

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pinkr Thu 26-Sep-13 19:44:06

Thanks! Its a bit better now...she's still feeding slowly from that side like it takes longer to fill her and I usually have to give the other side add well but I know there's some milk there now!

crikeybadger Wed 25-Sep-13 10:05:17

smilePinkr, sounds like it will take a bit of time, but you'll get there.

googlecanthelp Wed 25-Sep-13 07:08:00

Well done thats great news.

The other thing I would try (I´m not sure if this is right) is to pump that breast while DD is feeding on the other.

So offer breast you are worried about first.
When you move DD to the other breast, continue to pump the first one.

Your doing great btw.

pinkr Tue 24-Sep-13 21:08:19

I could hear her swallowing for a few minutes today, plus I'm getting a few drops when I use my pump to stimulate so I'm going its building back up. I've been trying to leave her on it as long add possible but probably twenty min a time before she gets cross and then I give her the other. Thanks

crikeybadger Tue 24-Sep-13 20:47:22

It shouldn'tbe impossible at this stage to get your supply back - just feed lots and you will send all the right signals to make more milk.

How have things been today?

pinkr Mon 23-Sep-13 23:34:13

She's four Weeks

crikeybadger Mon 23-Sep-13 20:42:33

How old is dd pinkr?

pinkr Mon 23-Sep-13 20:27:56


googlecanthelp Mon 23-Sep-13 19:26:42

Pinkr, I think the thing to do is to offer that side as often as possible. Maybe at the start of a feed.

Someone much wiser than me will be along in a mo.

pinkr Mon 23-Sep-13 19:23:30

Shameless panicked bump

pinkr Mon 23-Sep-13 16:15:25

I had a badly cracked nipple so on Friday I stopped using that side...I hand expressed as best I could...I was engorged at first but today my boob its really soft and I can't get anything. Put dd on and she obviously want getting long till I get my supply back mm.!

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