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Why won't 5 week old DD let me sit down in the evening??

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HelgatheHairy Sat 14-Sep-13 10:27:20

Breast feeding DD is going well (after some great advice from here). She feeds really well during the day. The evenings a bit more problematic which I've put down to "fussy hour" (although its more like 3 hours) but there's a new development that is very awkward.

Basically, from 8-10 DD starts screaming, hitting and gets really worked up if I sit down (she's cluster feeding mostly with a few breaks). If I stand and walk around or rock from foot to foot she's calm but if I sit she gets all worked up. But she's fine during the day and let's me sit to feed her.

Is she actually trying to break me? confused

MortifiedAdams Sat 14-Sep-13 10:28:59

Its called cluster feeding. Par for the course with BFing Im afraid. Be prepared - set up camp.on the sofa with the tv remote, snacks and dp on hand to sort dinner etc.

MortifiedAdams Sat 14-Sep-13 10:29:35

Oops wrong thread!!

HelgatheHairy Sat 14-Sep-13 10:55:49

I was wondering Mortified! I was thinking the problem is she won't let me sit on the couch smile

MortifiedAdams Sat 14-Sep-13 11:33:48

Could she be overtired? Try after a big feed putting her in the buggy and walking round the house - the motion coupled with a full tum may send her off to sleep?

TwoStepsBeyond Sat 14-Sep-13 12:02:15

Its like they have a sensor that can tell if you are too close to the ground isn't it. Can you try perching on a high chair and working your way down to sofa level?! Does she object if you bounce/bop while sitting too?

Seriously, I really feel for you, it is so hard but like everything, it will pass. Where is your DH/P in the evenings, can he help with the walking/bouncing?

HelgatheHairy Sat 14-Sep-13 13:28:11

mortified I do think there's an element of overtiredness to it but she's cluster feeding at the same time so the earliest I can get her to sleep is 10ish.

twosteps I tried rocking/bouncing while sitting but not good enough. I have to be standing! Hadn't thought of working my way down, might try that tonight. DH takes her when she has a break in feeding so I can sit/stretch my back out.

Once she's not crying is the main thing but after a long day the last thing I want to be doing is walking/rocking at 9pm.

mawbroon Sun 15-Sep-13 01:17:12

Do you have an office chair, or a swivel chair of some sort? Might be worth trying for feeding on the move but also managing to sit down!

prissyenglisharriviste Sun 15-Sep-13 01:22:38

Ds1 was this baby. I had to dance with him between 5-11pm every night. Even just being upright wasn't enough. He got a easier about 4mos. We just played pass the baby nightly for 6 hours. Joyous.

LittleNutTree Sun 15-Sep-13 01:27:43

Do you have an exercise ball that you could sit and bounce on? I have total sympathy, my 3 have all been the same! They can tell the difference between me sitting and standing it seems! The exercise ball worked occasionally for me smile

HelgatheHairy Sun 15-Sep-13 12:48:22

Don't have a swivel chair or exercise ball. Last night she let me sit on the coffee table and rock her. Which at least meant I was sitting.

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 15-Sep-13 12:49:56

Could you lie down together and feed, taking the tv into the bedroom?

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