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Switched from premade to powder, baby hungry much sooner

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FirstTimerWally Fri 13-Sep-13 17:07:07

No I won't venture from the specific measurements, don't worry!

It is the same brand, it's Hipp organic first infant formula. We picked it initially because on one forum we read, a lot of mums recommended it for babies with reflux, which DD has. We tried a couple of other brands, SMA and Aptamil and Hipp seemed to be the one she tolerated most.

Could just be pure coincidence. She might be going through a growth spurt that coincides with the day we switched. Time will tell. Might give her premade in the evenings, see if she goes longer again?

RescueCack Fri 13-Sep-13 16:19:43

No, not specifically, but don't be tempted to make it 'stronger' (I'm sure you wouldn't, just saying....) Is it the same brand?

FirstTimerWally Fri 13-Sep-13 15:47:59

We have just switched our 14 week old DD from premade formula to powder and instead of going up to 3 hours between feeds, particularly at night, she is waking after 1.5-2 hours. She seems hungrier than normal. This is despite giving her 120ml now as opposed to the 100ml she used to have of premade. We have to make 120ml because you have to use whole scoops and 3 scoops only makes 90ml which would have been too little, therefore she has 4 scoops in 120ml of water.

Also, I've noticed when she has been a little sick afterwards, it is clear and watery, not milky or digested like it used to be.

She doesn't seem windier than usual, if anything she seems less windy.

Has anyone else noticed this with powder?

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