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Still bf 17 mo DS. Spotting before my period - is this linked to bf?

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SquidgersMummy Fri 13-Sep-13 09:26:35

Bump - booby monster here too and after 5 wks of Nightweaning still no periods - bumping as be interested in others' exp. Goodluck xx

LittleMouseontheDairy Thu 12-Sep-13 12:17:28

Hi, I'm still bf my 17 mo. Usually that means a bedtime feed, once or twice in the night, a first thing in the morning bf and maybe once or twice in the day (but no day time feeds on on my working days, and I work three days a week). I'm kind of ready to wean him but I think DS would be resistant - but that's a whole other thread.

Anyway, I'm thinking of starting to ttc number two in a month or so. But I'm concerned that there is something wrong - because I am spotting for a few days before my period starts. My periods came back at 9 months and the cycle itself seems fairly regular, but with spotting before it kicks in properly. Is there any chance this is linked to breastfeeding and the fact my body is still producing prolactin as a result? Am I going to need to wean DS totally before I can conceive again?

FWIW - I had a smear which came back normal, as did an ultrasound. A blood test showed my hormones are in the normal-ish range (tests to see if I might have PCOS).

I'm 35 and just a bit concerned about delays to TTC. If I have to wean the little boobmonster I will. Although TTC might then go up the spout if I can't get him back to sleep at night as a result! sob

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