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Reflux and fast eating

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Jess785 Wed 11-Sep-13 11:01:33

Hi there, my bottle fed (expressed breast milk and formula) 13 wo DS suffers from pretty bad silent reflux - with arching, screaming, refusing to eat, etc but he doesn't vomit. Pretty much every feed is quite painful for him and us, involving lots of tears on both sides! He is on INfant Gaviscon, Ranitidine (not so sure it's helping) and i am hitting up the GP next week for Domperidone. We just about manage to feed him enough so his weight is stable, and have seen a paediatrician, who prescribed the Ranitidine.

My question is this- we now use the Dr Browns bottles and Y teats for gaviscon feeds (almost every feed) as it thickens the milk so much. this means he drinks extremely fast, when we can get him to eat that is. this also means he gets more down before he starts screaming and protesting. He isn't choking and can handle the fast flow. Is this bad? i've read that refluxers should be fed slowly, and if he is willing to eat, he can put away a bottle in 5 minutes with the fast flow teat. The paediatrician said to use the fastest flow possible that he can handle, as he gets more food in him that way, but i don't want to do something that is inadvertently making the reflux/pain worse.

Another aspect to this is that he also suffers from pretty bad wind and the fast eating can't be helping with this, but the wind is probably the lesser of the 2 evils at the moment.

Any advice/reassurance appreciated!!

MisselthwaiteManor Fri 13-Sep-13 07:35:25

Whatever works best for your baby IMO. But oddly the paed we saw told us to encourage DD to eat little and often, and we slow down her feeds by switching a dummy in and out of her mouth during a feed. She's on the smallest teat too. She was a puker though so that may be why we were given different advice, if she took too much too fast it all came back up.

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