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Ranitidine dosage

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lem31 Wed 11-Sep-13 19:12:54

Thanks. Got second opinion from another doctor today after 2 nights of no sleep again (since being on ranitidine has been sleeping brilliantly) and they said I can double it to 0.6 3 times a day and it can still be increased if needed! So my gp was full of it and poor baby would've been in pain for 2 weeks had I not questioned it!

LindsayS79 Wed 11-Sep-13 11:25:57

My girl is on 0.8 x 3 a day.. She's 5kg and I don't think that's enough. Google ranitidine dosage and I'm sure there is a really helpful calculator that a mum has put on here.

gretagrape Wed 11-Sep-13 08:20:28

You could ask your pharmacist if they can tell you the dosage:weight ratio. My Paed told me how many mg mine had to be on then I had to go away and work it out according to what suspension of meds:liquid the bottle I had was!

I do wonder if they are a bit cavalier in their calculations as 4 months later I've been told he's on the maximum dose for his weight now so he must have been OD'ing back at the start.

lem31 Wed 11-Sep-13 05:20:13

Posting here too as very desperate to get an answer! sad
Anyone know what dosage of ranitidine babies can go on? I know its meant to change with weight. Saw gp yesterday who said baby is already on too high a dose so couldn't up it, despite baby discomfort again.
He is 3 months and currently on 0.3 ml 3 times a day. He weights 5.7 is 10/150 oral suspension.

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