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Need advice & suggestions on giving up breastfeeding

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absandme Tue 10-Sep-13 11:10:16

I need others experiences & suggestions on settling at night, which feed to drop first & how to do it.....pleeeeeease!!

I wanted to get to a year & have, DD now 13months.
I am ready to give up breastfeeding (probably, pretty sure (ish)).
I don't want to do controlled crying.
I am happy for her to have a bottle (my opinion, my baby, don't judge me or suggest a sippy cup)

I have the no cry sleep solution book.... but it's different reading it & actually doing it. If you are familiar with this book I am using keywords as a cue to stop feeding & sleep but not yet moved onto the other phases of self settling during the night & she still wakes 1-2 times most nights.

Morning, big feed as long as she hasn't been feeding in the night
Nap time, but she will self settle after the feed.
Night time - half hour before bed I have started with the bottle but she will only take an ounce of cows milk (she has cows milk sometimes in sippy cup at breakfast & is happy with the taste), then big BF until nearly asleep.

I think I need to get her to self settle ok during the night before I drop that feed.....
Not sure what feed to give up first with a view to only doing night feeds before stopping those totally.

DH & I are at home full time (self employed) so flexible, he will support me & willing to get up & feed DD so I am not around with my boobs. I'm not under pressure of in a massive rush, I'm just ready to retire my boobs!

blueberryupsidedown Tue 10-Sep-13 11:20:05

I would stick with BF morning and bedtime and give her cow's milk or formula inbetween. Personally (!!) I would just carry on giving her some cow's milk in a cup during the day and see how she gets on. If she eats well she doesn't need that much milk. Does she drink water from a cup?

Then after a week or so I'd try giving up the morning feed. You will probably need to pump during the day at some point.

There are no rules, but it will probably be hard if you want to do the night time without any tears. She will probably cry at some point. It's probably better if your DH handles her at night if it's you she will smell you and milk and be even more upset. Might be an idea to try a bottle at night time but she might not take it.

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