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How do I make daytime weaning work?

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Humperdink123 Tue 10-Sep-13 08:36:43

DD is 10 months and I go back to work in a month. I'm still EBF, although she will take formula if I'm not around for whatever reason.
I went and chatted to BF counsellor and had decided, I thought, that I would continue feeding morning and evening and cut out the daytime feeds. She said as I was doing this to just move straight to cows milk rather than formula, as DD will get enough nutrients etc from BF I'm continuing.
As solids have been ramping up feeds have been decreasing, so that they were first thing, mid morning, mid afternoon and bedtime. Then a couple of times in the night.
So yesterday I cut out the mid morning feed and gave a cup of cows milk which she hardly touched. At bedtime she went to sleep at 7, then woke at 10.30.We then had the worst night in a long time, with way too much feeding, refusal to lie down in cot. Don't think I got any sleep before 1.30. I am shattered.
I know it's not teething as we had that last week and this was different. We'd just got to the point where the 10.30/11 feed had been dropped (finally) and she was sleeping 7-2.30 and staying in her cot all night. I don't want to go backwards!
Should I replace dropped feeds with bottles of formula to make sure she is full enough?
Any advice will be very gratefully received!
Thank you!

RJandA Tue 10-Sep-13 12:38:08

As she's happy taking formula, if it was me I would follow guidelines and not give cow's milk as a drink until 1. Don't know if that will help with sleeping though! I would have thought a missed milk feed in the morning would have been made up for by bedtime either through increased solids or milk or both for the rest of the day.

Could be coincidence?

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