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Lymecycline and bf

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LakeFlyPie Mon 09-Sep-13 20:54:36

DS2 (2.10) still bf at bedtime and 1-2 x during night (co sleeping so difficult to be accurate) and would all day if I let him

Since pg with him I've developed mild rosacea and have recurrent / chronic chalazion (blocked ducts in eyelid).

I finally went to GP today who has prescribed a 28 day course of once daily lymecycline.
I mentioned that DS2 was still having some bf and he (GP) didn't seem too concerned although it does seem to be contraindicated on the drug leaflet.

My understanding is tetracyclines can cause discolouration of developing teeth in ebf babies.

I'm wondering if I take the tablet 1st thing in morning (peak blood levels after 3 hrs and half life is 10 hours) would benefit (to me) outweigh risk (to DS2) or am I being too selfish?
Am desperate to do something about my spotty face and lumpy eye.

I'd appreciate any advice / experiences.


LakeFlyPie Tue 10-Sep-13 00:23:26

Having read a little further I'm torn between this information which makes me think I should take it and this which makes me think I shouldn't.

On balance I think I'll put the tabs aside until DS2 stops as I'd hate to be responsible for poor dentition later in his life, unless someone expert can reassure me it's OK to safely prioritise my spotty face.

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