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Breast pain- what is it?

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BonaDea Mon 09-Sep-13 20:38:52

DS is 5.5 months and ebf. The last two days I have been experiencing one very sore breast - shooting pains and tender to the touch.

It is not thrush- we've had this before I'm confident it's not the same thing

The pain feels like it could be a blocked duct but I can't feel a lump anywhere. In the past I have been able to clear a duct by massaging/ hot shower/ pumping. So far no go.

There isn't a red and / or hot patch so don't think it is mastitis (yet).

Any ideas? Feeding is very painful. I have a GP appt on Weds but my experience of them so far is woeful (eg ' you know, there isn't any evidence that breast tissue thrush actually exists'). If I have to go to them is like a clear idea of what I might be dealing with.


theresmoretolife Mon 09-Sep-13 21:47:10

Mastitis doesn't always mean one hot red patch, but if it were that it would be followed quickly by temperature/fluey feelings etc. Has her latch changed or anything recently? Teething? Hope you find out what's wrong, doesn't sound nice!

BonaDea Tue 10-Sep-13 08:53:58

Mmmm. No fluey feelings or anything either. Don't think his latch has changed (or if it has, just on one side) but it is painful between feeds too so thinking it might be something else...

Forgetfulmog Tue 10-Sep-13 08:56:04

Shooting pains inside the boob? If so it could be thrush inside (although apparently GPs do not like diagnosing this).

Does massaging the area in a hot shower help at all?

BonaDea Tue 10-Sep-13 12:45:05

Mystery solved. Woke this morning to find a big red patch and red streaks over the breast. Managed to see GP for antibiotics to treat mastitis. Phew!

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