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daytime nap success, but should I wake him?

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gretagrape Mon 09-Sep-13 16:22:17

Hi all. Well, finally at the age of 5.5mo I'm starting to have success with daytime naps - today is the second day running that he has slept for 1.5hrs in the afternoon (usually 45mins if I'm lucky) and today he even went back to sleep by himself after being woken by the phone.

I am elated that this has happened and feel really stupid for asking this, but should I wake him after a certain time? I'm worried now that this might confuse him and affect his night sleep which has already been a bit crap for the last couple of weeks due to him rolling onto his tummy constantly but not being able to get back again (loads of floor time in the day hasn't helped - he can roll like bloody Beth Tweddle in the lounge, but in the cot he gets stuck because of the lack of room I think!).

gretagrape Mon 09-Sep-13 16:31:28

sorry, posted on wrong board, have re-done on behaviour/development!

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