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36 hours in and already failing. I need help.

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MeanMrsMustard Tue 03-Sep-13 06:40:49

Dc1 was born on Sunday night. I'm trying to breast feed her, but since leaving the hospital yesterday afternoon I've been completely lost. She had 2 good feeds on the ward and I'd felt like I'd got the hang of it but obviously not.
Dd knows what to do. She seems to be able to show when she wants a feed by rooting or sucking on her own hands. She is mainly happy to latch on, and its me who can't do it. Since leaving the hospital I've not been able to get the positioning right, or mainly get my nipple in the right bit of her mouth. My breasts are f/g cup and quite saggy, and my nipples and areolas are large too which doesn't seem to help. At the very least it makes it very hard to see whats actually going on. Already I've got sore nipples which hurt when I try to feed and I'm finding it impossible to tell whether its the current or previous feed that is causing the pain. Dd sucks for ages, which I think indicates I'm getting things wrong. If the nipple comes out slightly wedge shaped that's wrong isn't it?
Dd wants to feed quite a lot and I'm worried she isn't getting any colostrum. (Due to poor positioning) I tried expressing some by hand but with no luck. Am I able to use my electric pump to express a bit of colostrum so I at least know she feeds a bit? I'm also worried that if colostrum isn't being used up I won't get any milk in.
I'm also confused about whether dd wants to suckle for comfort or food. Sometimes she seems happy to suck her own fist or my finger, or even just make sucky mouth shapes. If she is just sucking for comfort does it matter if she does so on the nipple or can this lead to infections?

Sorry this is all over the place and probably totally unclear. I am shattered and achy all over. I'm not sure what I want to know really. General tips and information about how to muddle through the next 24 hours I guess. Dh and I are going to look at what community support we have access to today, but I'm not confident we'll be able to get instant support and I need help to tide me over so not to give in to formula.

And thank you for reading.

MeanMrsMustard Tue 03-Sep-13 15:05:10

Thanks soupmaker. I'll def try out feeding lying down. It sounds like a life saver actually.

GiraffesAndButterflies Tue 03-Sep-13 15:35:13

Thought of something else OP- bear in mind that hormones can be an absolute nightmare around the time your milk comes in. So irrespective of how well bf is going, be prepared that you may feel all over the place mood wise. Get your DH to be ready with hugs/tissues/chocolate!

SweepTheHalls Tue 03-Sep-13 18:34:13

In terms of getting more upright, I could only comfortably do it top start with laying down on my side or sat on the sofa with 2cushions in the small of my back for support! You sound like you are doing great. You will have tough days again, but you have got through this one so you know you can get through the next onethanks

Poppet45 Tue 03-Sep-13 20:13:53

When you say wedge shaped do you mean like the tip of a lipstick? That is v like tongue tie. Its v easy to sort out but hcps are pretty lame at spotting them so dont be scared to be persistant. So lovely to see your mood improving op as the thread progresses. There'll be an army of mums up in the wee small hours tonight each feeling knackered and alone but you're all doing great!

ab00 Tue 03-Sep-13 20:38:41

Congratulations on your baby! It sounds like you're doing a fantastic job with the feeding. I too am n of the large boob variety & the best position I found for feeding in the early days for ds1 & 2 was the rugby position as it gave me more control over their head & a better view of what was going on as they latched so could aim better! Nipple pain quite frankly is a pain no one should experience & is like no other. Unfortunately I think only incredibly lucky women bf & have no experience of this. With ds1 I was in tears before feeds at the thought of latching on & actually asked dh if he slammed his hand in a door would he keep doing it. We got through it though & so will you!
These early days are really tough but it does get easier. With ds2 feeding lying down has been a god send for me to get some rest so give it a go. Get your dh to watch & help - if your worried to start with maybe get dh to keep an eye on you so you can relax more.
Keep going op & if you are feeling lonely at 3am feel free to post, as a previous poster said there will be an army of us feeding & feeling knackered too!

LillyofWinchester Tue 03-Sep-13 21:28:28

Glad you are feeling better and your baby is doing well (and sorry about the ridiculous typos on my previous post, I was on my phone).

I'll be thinking of you at 3 am when I'm up feeding my 7 month old, I was just like you when he was first born. Please don't feel alone and know there is a lot of support out there, whether online or in person.

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