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Dairy free products

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duende Wed 28-Aug-13 21:50:38

I'm trying to cut out dairy from my diet to see if it reduces my nearly 3 week old DD's discomfort. I don't get much time to shop as she feeds all the time, and I'm too tired to concentrate on reading labels...
Could you tell me what products you have found which are dairy free? I'm after snacks, dairy substitutes, bread, sauces, anything to make life easier.
I've bought oatley, pure spread, almond milk, 9 bars. Ham for sandwiches. Trying to avoid soya as well. Thanks in advance.

KatOD Wed 28-Aug-13 21:57:15

Get a tesco's delivery and get their dairy free cheese, cheese spread and yoghurt substitutes from their free from range - it's pretty good as these things go and quite reasonable. What things do you really love that you'll miss?

KatOD Wed 28-Aug-13 22:00:02

Sorry, missed the last bit, they prob have soya in... You're best off prob getting an on-line delivery and just perusing the free from section. Good luck...

trixymalixy Wed 28-Aug-13 22:01:41

Don't get dairy free cheese or yoghurt, they have soya in.

Bread without soya is hard. M&s do a soya free loaf but part baked baguettes and wraps have no soya.

There's a good thread in the allergy section. I'll try and find it.

trixymalixy Wed 28-Aug-13 22:03:43


It's about dairy and egg free finds, but some may not have soya in.

trinitybleu Wed 28-Aug-13 22:33:11

Ham often has milk in, so check that. Also tomato ketchup, s&v crisps (lots of crisps actually ... all PomBears!)

I wasn't avoiding soya but will have a think. Lactofree (if you just want to avoid lactose) is good stuff.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 29-Aug-13 00:29:04

this FB group is useful. I'd also have a read of the info on allergy uk and this on Kellymom.

If your baby is unsettled, are you getting any RL help from a BFC or Lactation Consultant? Has Lo been checked for tongue tie too?

duende Thu 29-Aug-13 01:10:17

Thanks everyone!
Trixy, I will check out that thread, I forgot about the allergy board.
JJJ one bf councillor said no tongue tie and she has wind. She was confusing cmpi with lactose intolerance so I'm not sure how good she is. Seeing someone else on Friday.
DS had cmpi, lactose intolerance and acid reflux sad DD doesn't seem as bad as he was, not at the moment, but I am anxious.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 29-Aug-13 08:18:51

There is a whole thread on here o MNers who have been told their DC don't have tt, only to find out later they do, so I think you are right to get it checked again by someone else. How did you find out about dc1s intolerances? Did you have to get allergy testing at he gps?

duende Thu 29-Aug-13 09:23:11

JJJ with DS we eventually managed to persuade the GP to test his stool and it showed lactose intolerance. H was then referred to a paed who put him on LF formula and then nutramigen, together with omeprazole for reflux. By then I had given up breastfeeding because he was refusing breast and nobody was able to tell me why. If his reflux had been recognised earlier, I would have probably managed to continue to BF as he was fine once on meds. Anyway, he never had any allergy testing, and around 12 months we introduced dairy slowly and he was fine.

DDs nappies are mustardy yellow, but very slimey and mucousy, with acidic smell, could this be a sign of food sensitivity? And if so, when should they improve? I last had dairy last Saturday.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 29-Aug-13 09:35:03

Its such a shame you didn't have better bfing support the first time. Sorry, I'm not trained and can't answer your questions on the nappies and the amount of time it takes to work through. Have you called one of the bfing helplines? The numbers are towards the bottom of the page. A BFC should be able to help smile

duende Thu 29-Aug-13 09:45:40

JJJ thanks for replying. I'm going to a BF drop in tomorrow, one of the ladies there is supposed to be very good.

Scrumptiousboy Thu 29-Aug-13 10:07:48

Try these for days when you feel lazy

Oatly are good and have some nice recipes on their website

Cook do a good range of dairy free ready meals and offer 10% discount to new mums for 6 months

I hope you get plenty of advice from the BF advisers - hang in there

minipie Thu 29-Aug-13 18:19:50

I went dairy and soy free for a while while BFing, never really got into specific dairy free products (other than pure spread which was a lifesaver) but here are some things I ate a lot, especially for lunch which was harder than dinner.

- smoked fish esp smoked mackerel
- hardboiled eggs
- pasta with tomato sauce
- pasta with artichoke hearts or roasted peppers from a jar
- pasta alio olio (sp?) ie chilli and garlic and oil. Lovely with prawns too.
- kabanos (polish salami, contain no dairy unlike many French salamis)
- waitrose own brand pork pies which were surprisingly dairy free (far too many of these blush)
- peanut butter (but first find your bread... I can't remember what I did about bread, thinking back I suspect the bread I ate may not have been dairy free)
- hummus
- leftover roast meat/slow cook (I tried to do a big roast or slow cook casserole on Sundays and would live off that a lot in the week)
- dark chocolate (contains soy lecithin usually but that's apparently ok for dairy sensitives?)
- nature valley granola bars (likewise these contain soy lecithin)

Poppet45 Thu 29-Aug-13 19:55:29

Splatty acidic nappies sound like cmpi. It will take 2-3 weeks for dairy to leave your system and 2-3 to leave hers. Tescos everyday brown bread is d and s free up here in Scotland but it varies nationally... Most bagels and part-bake baguettes are fine. Some kettle chips, propercorn popcorn is free of both too. Sainsburies freefrom choc brownie bars are lush as is bessant and druirie (sic) coconut milk icecream, birds custard made with coconut milk is yummy too. Jusroll pastry is free of both for when you get pie cravings. You can eat lots more than just freefrom stuff once you learn which brands are safe. Be careful of stock cubes and spice mixes as odd sources of banned foods. I've been s and d free for coming up to 2 yrs thanks to dd!

duende Fri 30-Aug-13 02:55:38

Wow, lots of info, thank you!
So it could be that her nappies and general happiness improve, just need more time.
I've found bread that's DF (kingsmill, toastie and some orgers(
Tries the aubergine pesto today (lush) and 9 bars.
I'm writing all your suggestions down, thank you.

Poppet45 Fri 30-Aug-13 09:12:48

Those breads are dairy free but they do have soya in so might be worth avoiding too til you know if dc has a problem with soya too... Sorry prob not want u want to hear; I dream of Warbutons toastie squishy goodness!

gretagrape Fri 30-Aug-13 09:33:41

sainsbury taste the difference bread is dairy and soya free (you have to ask as ingredients not listed) if you want something fresh rather than packaged bread.

partyondude Fri 30-Aug-13 09:35:09

When ds was dairy and soy free and I was bfing we found genius gluten free bread was the only easily accessible soy free loaf. We mostly made our own with a bread maker. I think I spent the first month eating peanut butter sandwiches...

aldi is very good for df food. Its all so cheap that they tend to make food with palm oil rather than dairy fat. They apparently make a great chorizo and occasionally I've found fabulous chocolate sponge puddings there.

good luck. Ds learned to tolerate soy at 12mo but at 22mo is still dairy free. He weaned a couple of weeks ago so now I can eat anything and its fabulous. I'm currently craving heinz cream of tomato soup.

minipie Fri 30-Aug-13 10:32:45

oh yes, rice cakes are a reasonable alternative to bread if you are really struggling to find a dairy and soy free loaf

and kallo stock cubes are dairy free

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