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How to keep him feeding?

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BrieMonster Sat 10-Aug-13 19:53:01

Ok I'm convinced! I could use the reassurance of an expert regardless...

Apparently there's only one LC in my city so will email her now. Watch this space! Thanks, again.

mawbroon Sat 10-Aug-13 17:03:02

This is helpful

So is this

and this

BrieMonster Sat 10-Aug-13 08:16:47

Well my instincts tell me he doesn't have TT.. But I am getting myself wound up about it. First midwife at clinic said she thought he might have but checked with her colleague who said it wasn't classic tongue tie but that I can see my GP for a referral if I like. Can't see him knowing ny better to be honest..

Anyway I agreed to try biological nurturing for a week but I hated it with DS1, never got the hang of it and ended up going to the clinic for 6 weeks before giving up on advice and doing my own thing. Think I'll start another thread on that though.

If that doesn't change my life I'll contact an LC. Thanks everyone for your experiences.. I feel a bit like I've asked for relationship advice and you've told me to LTB and I'm giving him another week to change!! I have taken note, believe me. If you don't get my analogy you've clearly not been kept awake enough overnight!

Trying2bMindful Fri 09-Aug-13 19:03:37

I highly recommend a qualified LC to have a look. We saw at so many HCPs and they either said there was no TT or they said it was not bad enough to snip, DESPITE LO looking like a famine victim. In the end we took it into our own hands and had Mary Griffiths round to snip it.
Best thing we did. Feeds took less time. He was less grouchy. He did not need to be attached all the time. And yes he now looks like a English Welsh Rugby player (DH reckons hooker!).
Best of luck. Go with your instincts. They are amazing!!

minipie Fri 09-Aug-13 08:25:02

sorry I know you said it was rhetorical!

good luck at the clinic smile

minipie Fri 09-Aug-13 08:20:41

"With the NHS and so many organisations/volunteers encouraging and supporting breast feeding why does this one issue so often need a private diagnosis?"

this is a very good question - I have been told (I can't remember who by) that tongue tie used to be much more readily diagnosed by midwives etc, several decades ago, but when there was a big shift over to FF during the 50s/60s/70s the knowledge of tongue tie as a common problem was sort of forgotten and they stopped training midwives to spot it. It's only relatively recently with the resurgence of BFing that TT has come back on the radar - but perhaps it's not been long enough yet for the state to actually allocate funds/time to training staff about it.

There's also the fact that the NHS has been very focused on getting women to start BFing and not so focused on whether they continue. So we now have a situation where large numbers of women try to BF, only to give up the first few weeks or even days when they encounter difficulties. But according the the NHS criteria and statistics those are still BFing success stories hmm.

BrieMonster Thu 08-Aug-13 23:22:51

I did expect that answer after reading about so many missed tongue ties. She didn't rule it out 100% but said we'd not be eligible for referral/treatment due to his putting on weight etc. so I guess I'd have to go private.. Not really sure I understand that concept. With the NHS and so many organisations/volunteers encouraging and supporting breast feeding why does this one issue so often need a private diagnosis?

That's rhetorical really, I can see what a battle many people have as it's hard to pick up. Will see if clinic thinks it might be a possibility tomorrow. I know I have said thanks an awful lot, but really am grateful for all the help. smile

minipie Thu 08-Aug-13 21:50:58

dd could touch roof of mouth with tongue but had PTT. HVs are notoriously crap at diagnosing TT and it can't be done over the phone! Honestly do get a proper LC to take a look, especially if he makes noises on the bottle. If it is posterior TT it's easy to fix.

BrieMonster Thu 08-Aug-13 21:01:04

Thanks again for all the input. HV was more relaxed on phone today and said not to worry about colour as long as I felt all was going well otherwise. Will still head to clinic tomorrow to see what they reckon though. She didn't think he has TT based on previous feeding despite my Mumsnet anecdotes...

I just want to get on with it! (And have a live in masseuse. That'd help no end!!)

Trying2bMindful Wed 07-Aug-13 23:52:54

your HV sounds out of touch.... the whole hind milk vs fore milk has been discredited..... now you are just supposed to make sure they get enough milk from 1 boob - ie finish at 1 before moving to the 2nd....

My LO had a PTT snipped at 4wo. made a huge difference to my boobs and his weight gain. but that doesnt sound like a problem for you!

Goood luck. My brother (a paediatrician) said he doesnt (usually) care about colour of baby poo and he thinks the MWs & HVs make too much noise about it!!!! of course there are times it does matter but with a full term healthy baby he would tell a mum to relax and not to worry if they were pooping and weeing and putting on weight.

mawbroon Wed 07-Aug-13 23:31:07

DS1 had great lift in his tongue. It was the back that was tied down. Just to give you some idea, when he opened his mouth, I could see his entire tonsils. After revision, his tongue now sits way high up and I can see nothing without a tongue depressor.

But he is 7yo, so a different kettle of fish to diagnosing a baby!!

BrieMonster Wed 07-Aug-13 23:28:58

Thanks for that link.. I was sitting here blabbing having convinced myself that he had it and feeding was futile... But he can lift his tongue all the way to the roof of his mouth so will take that as a good sign and not dwell on it too much until someone in the know can have a look.
He doesn't make funny noises with me but does with his nightly bottle. I assumed it was kind of reverse nipple confusion!
Now I feel like I can't wait until Friday. Will call the hv tomorrow for advice. Bet they get sick of people calling to talk about what people on Mumsnet say!!

mawbroon Wed 07-Aug-13 19:54:16

Another voice saying get him checked for tongue tie.

This is helpful as is this video it has no sound btw.

You may be told that there's no tie. Many HCPs have no idea how to spot a posterior tie. Ask and ask again and find somebody who has taken a specialist interest in it to have a look.

What you describe is classic TT behaviour.

minipie Wed 07-Aug-13 19:47:42

no my dd took in a fair amount and had ok weight gain but still had TT. I had a massive supply, which I think masked the TT in some ways as it meant she could still get enough even with a crappy latch.

the clinic people may not be qualified to actually diagnose TT but hopefully they will be able to say whether your feeds and latch show signs of TT, and maybe they can suggest a local lactation consultant who can diagnose.

BrieMonster Wed 07-Aug-13 19:44:08

Another vote for 'don't worry', yay! I don't think I have over supply.. Barely ever feel painfully full or leak. If those are symptoms?
Will ask about the tongue tie and ask again if I'm not convinced by the answer!

Thanks all for your input.

BrieMonster Wed 07-Aug-13 19:41:11

No but I'll ask them to check that at the clinic... Not sure of their qualifications but certainly 'specialists'. I have heard a lot of issues attributed to this but assumed if he seemed to be taking in a lot that it didn't apply. Thank you!
Not sure if a change in positioning might help too. I'm always reluctant to relax and get myself comfy once he's on in case it disturbs him.

crikeybadger Wed 07-Aug-13 19:37:53

Agree with minipie about checking for tongue tie, - you mentioned difficulties with your previous baby and tt does tend to be hereditary.

Personally I wouldn't be worried about green nappies if your baby seems happy and healthy in other ways.

Block feeding ie. feeding from one breast for several feeds in a row is usually something to address over supply you think this is what is causing the nappies?

minipie Wed 07-Aug-13 19:24:50

Has he been checked for tongue tie? (by a lactation consultant not by HV or midwife)

i ask because dd was like this - slipped off the nipple and much better with a full breast than a half empty one - and she turned out to have posterior TT. she also got tired very easily as the tt made it harder for her, and so couldn't feed for long. with PTT you might have other symptoms like a clicking sound or windy baby for example.

BrieMonster Wed 07-Aug-13 18:57:34

Thanks remembering that's what I want to hear. Nappy frequency and weight gain ok, but hv did want me to get a better balance of hind milk into him. She even said get back in touch if no improvement. Hopefully the clinic on Friday will help, ideally by telling me to keep on doing what I'm doing... Had a nightmare feeding DS1 so really feel I'm 'entitled' to an easier run this time!

RememberingMyPFEs Wed 07-Aug-13 05:09:12

Brie my 10day old is similarly fussy overnight. What had your HV said about the nappies?
My MW said its number of wet/dirty they worry about and you don't need to worry about green, orange and yellow stools. They are par for the course and are rarely a sign of a digestive problem as long as you're getting lots of them and wet ones too.

It's hard not to worry too much but chat with your HV if you're worried? thanks

BrieMonster Wed 07-Aug-13 04:46:00

Hi all,

DS is nearly 4 weeks and I thought BF was going well this time but for a week or so he's had more green nappies than yellow ones. Am told he needs more of the hind milk so to keep him feeding for longer on one breast or to use same breast for next feed.
He's very much a snacker so takes the same breast a few times in a row before I switch. But sometimes in the middle of a feed if he comes off the nipple is slippery and suddenly he seems incapable of getting his tongue where it needs to be and just will not go back on, but will take the other breast therefore getting more fore milk. (Obv I dry the nipple to try and allow him to latch but still appears impossible for us sometimes and exacerbates the issue.)

A 1:30am he fed for 20 mins which I was chuffed about. At 3:30am only ten minutes despite feet tickling, nappy changing etc. but he seemed satisfied and we both just wanted to get back to sleep! Tried again half an hour later when he stirred but only fed for a minute.

I am going to the local clinic on Friday as they helped a lot last baby. But in the meantime is is ok to feed time after time on one breast (even though it doesn't seem to change colour of nappies) or does anyone have other tips to keep him wanted to feed. Midwife said the hind milk takes more effort to get out so he might be being lazy. He does glug down the early milk.

Weight gain fine, though only 2nd centile. He gets a bottle late evening when I'm shattered... 90 mls formula.

I just want us to be able to roll over and go back to sleep whenever he seems to have had enough. But I can't ignore these nappies can I?

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