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expressing and only getting a teaspoon full after ten mins...what am I doing wrong?

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MostlyCake Tue 30-Jul-13 14:33:59

Combining bf on demand with expressing after each feed on mw advice to stimulate production. DS is 12 days old and as I had a problem with the latch my milk was slow to come through. According to Google, I should only express for ten mins but at the end of the time I literally have a teaspoon full if im lucky.

What am I doing wrong? Why have I got so little milk? I have until Thursday when the mw comes back to have a decent supply or I exoect ger to start pushing formula (ds nit putting on weight) - all advice welcome!

Thanks in advance

CelticPromise Sun 04-Aug-13 00:22:48

You can smile It's a great idea to set yourself targets. And do go to thebf group if you can, you might meet a mum who has been where you are. Well done for persevering, you're doing a hell of a job!

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