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Breastfed baby sleeping 12 hours: what will happen to my supply?

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Artijoke Sun 28-Jul-13 09:34:11

My 10 week old has slept for 12 hours the last three nights. This is a dramatic turnaround from about 4 feeds a night. At the moment I'm waking at about 4am with such painfully engorged breasts that I can't sleep until he wakes and feeds.

A few questions:
If his long nights continue then when will my breasts adjust and the engorgement lessen?
Will 12 hours without feeding impact on supply during the day?


SpooMoo Sun 28-Jul-13 10:56:08

This happened to me too between 3mo-6mo (night wakings every night since then though!).

It settled down. I found I woke up with very full breasts in the morning but not engorged after the first few days, I wore a crop top and thick breast pads to bed, and fed on both sides when baby woke in the morning. No impact on supply, just feed on demand in the day.

McBaby Sun 28-Jul-13 19:49:13

My LO slept through from early on a few uncomfortable nights and it was ok. If its very uncomfortable due to dropping four feeds in 1 go I would consider expressing at 4am till your comfortable but less each day till you no longer need to. I had horrendous over supply and had to do Taft early on when she fed less regularly at night as I was in so much pain at 4am and couldn't sleep till she woke up.

Artijoke Sun 28-Jul-13 22:07:43

Thanks both, that is reassuring about it not effecting supply. I should never have posted as inevitably he woke after two hours tonight!

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