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Desperate reflux mum! Any advice please!!!

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lem31 Fri 26-Jul-13 20:39:33

Sorry to keep harping on, but I'm feeling really low and desperate and need help.
Fairly certain 7 week old baby has reflux. About 4 weeks ago he started really fussing on the breast, arching back, crying, obviously in pain. Sick a lot etc. stopped sleeping in his Moses basket... Through chance discovered tht he was fine on formula. Eventually doc prescribed infant gaviscon, 1/2 sachet in feeds. Couldn't get him to take it except in bottle and as he was better on firmula anyway I took the hard decision of stopping bfing. I did it gradually but have now stopped altogether and haven't had to express the last 2 days so just drying up. But baby just started being really sick on formula too, screaming in pain, arching back etc.

I don't know what to do. Can go back to docs on Monday but he has made me feel like I'm being fussy mum. Baby been on gaviscon for 2 weeks. Been to see chiropractor but no help so far. Bought sleepcurve mattress that I thought was working but just getting covered in sick every night. I've got the moses basket elevated, spend most if the night with baby on me keeping him upright but nothing is helping. I'm averaging less than 2 hours sleep a night in half hour stints as baby obvoisly finds lying down uncomfortable and wakes within half hour.

I'm exhausted, feel horribly guilty for stopping bfing, especially as it hasnt helped and don't know what to do to stop him being in pain. Please help! I am really desperate.

lem31 Mon 29-Jul-13 23:25:16

Sorry to hear others have had a tough time, but good to know we are not alone and there s help.
Ended up being referred to hospital today for tests. 7 hours later and he has been given ranitidine and domperidone, uped his gaviscon and lactulose to soften his poo up. Blood caused either by constipation from the gaviscon or inflamed stomach lining.
At least we are now being taken seriously and hopefully these drugs will work for him. Don't know why docs don't take it more seriously. Little girl in there today had a hole in her lung caused by untreated reflux. It can be serious and is certainly painful so why let them suffer???

Fingers crossed for pain free baby and some sleep for me...

lem31 Wed 31-Jul-13 20:57:07

Thanks guys. He is now on ranitidine and domperidone too so hopefully that will help. 7 hours in the hospital and lots of tests but they are sure it is the reflux at the end of it so hopefully we will start seeing an improvement soon. At least the gp, hv and hospital now are taking us seriously so they are trying to stop him being in pain. Just wish it had been sorted sooner so he didn't have to go through all this. The doc and hv just thought I was being fussy first time mum I think. He is still in a lot of pain but only day 2 and they said it could take 2 weeks to work. Here's hoping it will be quicker...

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