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8 week old constant feeding, any suggestions?

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Kelly511 Sun 21-Jul-13 10:11:26

Hello all,
I have a 8 week old who for weeks has been feeding none stop (ff). The health visitor said to introduce water between feeds as she can have up to forty ounces of milk in a day and hv said this is too much. The past week I have been trying to introduce 5 ounce feeds 3 hourly and water inbetween but she is still taking up to thirty ounces of milk and up to ten ounces of water per day. Don't feel this is right but I keep being told to persist. A bottle can take up to a hour to give, while she has a nap and has wind, I try to wake but no success. After fifteen or so minutes she is on the water til the next feed. Six ounces will be a struggle to give, shall I try hungry baby? I use aptamil stage one. I really need some help and advice as I spend all day with a bottle in my hand whether its water or milk. She is not sleeping through the night as yet and she weighs 10lb 4o. I'm scared to leave the house cause she just cries for milk or water all the time.

This is my first time at this so sorry about mistakes!

stargirl1701 Sun 21-Jul-13 12:34:47

Could it be silent reflux? Babies will comfort feed to reduce the pain they are feeling.

Kelly511 Sun 21-Jul-13 14:12:07

Maybe, she has eight week check this week so will ask then. I tried six ounce earlier and she would only take five. I use infacol and anti colic bottles and she gets wind up quite well. Do babies usually have two to three ounce then sleep for ten to twenty and finish off? It just seems long feeds. If more ounce would settle her in between that would be good. Thanks for your input x

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