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Feeding non stop

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Kwatts1979 Thu 18-Jul-13 22:14:03

My 5 week old feeds and feeds non stop until she's eventually sick! I take her off and and she screams until I put her back on. I'm getting so sore with her over feeding. I've tried a bottle and dummy but she won't take any. I know she's getting milk from me as she's putting on weight.

I just feel like letting my milk dry up so I can't feed her anymore. Totally had enough!! It's now 10.30pm and I've been feeding since 4pm with 2 sick episodes!

Any advice welcome!

Justneedhelp Thu 18-Jul-13 22:26:30

I think you need to start inflicting a routine... My dd fed a lot in the first three weeks which left me cringing every time she cried for another feed. I would t force a dummy on her but I would try offering her some cooled boiled water, she could be thirsty especially with it being so hot.
They say breasted babies get it all from the mum I strongly advise early introduction to water as my dd will only drink water (no juices). If she won't take it from a bottle try a teaspoon.
Don't let her feed til being sick as its no good for her, sounds as tho she is using u as a comfort.
There are breast feeding apps which tell u how long u have fed for not sure exactly how they work but a friend who has a 4 week old is using one.
You are not alone and occasionally u have to be cruel to be kind and let her have a little cry.

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 18-Jul-13 23:09:18

Hi there Kwatts1979

Sorry to hear about this (I well remember the six-week feeding spurt...)

We've moved this to Breast and Bottle Feeding now so that you can get some more input.


notanyanymore Thu 18-Jul-13 23:15:49

Hmm I totally disagree with just need help (sorry!) Sounds like cluster feeding (very normal, especially in the evenings) also is she being sick or just 'posseting' (again, totally normal) it is a phase they go through but usually doesn't last all that long. 5 weeks is still tiny, I would suggest ensuring she is well winded as any pain from that can encourage feeding, then they burp and some of the feed comes back up plus the loss of then wind has made extra room for more feeding so it can all go round in circles. Have you had a look on kellys Lots of great advice on there.

tiktok Thu 18-Jul-13 23:50:34

Justneedhelp....oh dear sad sad I am sure you mean well, but it's just not right to 'strongly advise' something that this baby does not need. A baby of 5 weeks old and bf does not need water, and thirst is satisfied by breastmilk (about 90 per cent water).

Many babies feed and then bring up the excess - this is well within normal for a 5 week old baby and in fact it would be an unusual 5 week old baby who did not do this. Where do you get the info that it's not good for the baby? And what is wrong with using the breast as a comfort? This is absolutely normal for a 5 week old baby. Knowing how long you have fed for does not help in any way.

OP - this is a hard stage, but a normal one especially in the heat. You need care and support and help to do everything else, and to get through it.

I hope you have a better day tomorrow.

MoottonBun Fri 19-Jul-13 00:06:40

Kwatts I feel for you! I have a 6 week old (DC3) and am in exactly the same boat - she's been feeding similarly, and every time I've tried to put her down she won't have it so we have been glued together, a sticky mess of sweat, milk and the odd sicky-uppy.
Some good advice from Notany and tiktok - I agree with the winding - if I find I need a break and she's still restless, a bit of winding, rubbing on the back can soothe her for a bit and give your old nips a break.
The main thing is to see it through though - babies do this for several reasons: growth spurts, extra thirst when it's hot, to up your supply in general, comfort...but it will settle down so try and stick it out.
Good luck smile

Hamwidgeandcheps Fri 19-Jul-13 00:18:13

Glad tiktok got there earlier....pls don't give a 5 weeker water! Sounds like cluster feeding to me too. Both my dds did this and I can so relate to the cringing. Plus when they puke all you can think is that they are going to feed even more to replace it. It's effing hard work! It does pass though. The first 6 weeks of bf are usually the hardest and I think that's one reason why a lot of mums stop around/before then and I sympathise its a v arduous time. BUT try and persevere I promise it doesn't last long and I'm bf dd2 now at 8 months after feeding dd1 for 12 and I prise you they were the vomiting babies from hell at that age! Dd2 was so bad I had to take spares with me everywhere, for me as well as her. She puked gallons and has been sick all over the floors of all the cafes in Plymouth!
I think....(I'm no expert) that the puking is because they feed too fast and or they are v greedy. I don't thn m much can be done unless its reflux and the baby is in pain bit if may Mog be - some babies are just happy pukers. As I was once advised - you don't have a reflux problem you have a laundry problem. I cheered up a bit after that grin

MultipleMama Fri 19-Jul-13 00:54:52

My 9mo twins still cluster feed during the day.

Sounds silly buy have you tried putting a warm not hot water bottle on her stomach as you feed her? This used to help settle DS1's stomach and helped him sleep.

As for being sick she may have trapped wind and with her wanting more milk it's making her tummy worse hence her being sick. Again water bottle could help.

If you're really worried, make a diary of her feeds and then take her to GP and explain. She may have a bad reflux so even though she's hungry a reaction could cause her to spew it up.

Sunnysummer Fri 19-Jul-13 04:22:23

Justneedhelp is definitely not providing help here! It's very normal for 5 week olds to be sick after feeds, to feed for a long time/cluster feed and also to feed for comfort, it is absolutely not normal to feed them water or to 'let them have a little cry' unnecessarily. They're too small to have a real sense of being separate from you, and will not be crying for any manipulative reason.

Have you tried burping regularly throughout the feed? With DS I find that doing this slows him down a bit to reduce his sickness and also to make him sure to stop when full. This stage does end, even though it feels endless at the time!

KeepTheFaithBaby Fri 19-Jul-13 07:05:58

I agree with later posters. It's not possible to over feed a breast fed baby! Sounds like she's having a growth spurt. All this feeding is establishing a supply. My DD (13 weeks) did this. It was hard work, you have my sympathy! We introduced an expressed bottle - I express in the morning - and DH gives it after her bath. This means he gets about 30-60 minutes with her when he gets home and I get a break from feeding! I often go out now, just got a walk: I honestly think this has saved my sanity! Might be worth a try?!

tiktok Fri 19-Jul-13 08:58:55

Multiplemama, sorry....gotta challenge you a bit too smile

"Sounds silly buy have you tried putting a warm not hot water bottle on her stomach as you feed her? This used to help settle DS1's stomach and helped him sleep." This is absolutely not good advice during this period of hot weather. I have no idea if it 'settles' a baby's stomach or not, but this could seriously discomfort and overheat a tiny baby (OP's baby is 5 weeks).

"As for being sick she may have trapped wind and with her wanting more milk it's making her tummy worse hence her being sick. Again water bottle could help." No. Being sick is often normal - a bottle of water is a bad idea. Feeding after the baby is sick is normal and the baby needs the milk.

"If you're really worried, make a diary of her feeds and then take her to GP and explain." And the GP could help how???? " She may have a bad reflux so even though she's hungry a reaction could cause her to spew it up." Two episodes of being sick in 6 hours with an otherwise healthy baby is normal with a young baby.

tiktok Fri 19-Jul-13 09:00:29

To clarify - obv the OP should take her baby to the GP if she is worried. And yes, she can take a diary of the feeds if she wants. My point was that the GP may well not think this is unusual...'cos it isn't smile

MadBannersAndCopPorn Fri 19-Jul-13 09:16:37

My baby also fed like this in the beginning, this could have been me writing this post a year ago!
I was feeding every 20 minutes day and night and people were like "you're feeding the baby AGAIN?"
My nipples were sore to begin with but they soon toughen up!
I'm glad to hear that she's putting on weight- that means you're doing it right! I know it feels like hell at the time but it'll get easier and she'll get quicker at feeding (less frequently eventually).

Congratulations on your tiny bundle- enjoy her!

MadBannersAndCopPorn Fri 19-Jul-13 09:22:55

Can I just add re: wind- I was rubbish at getting wind out of my baby, tap, tap, tap on the back -nothing. DP would come along and rub her on the back (for what seemed ages and more vigorously than I was doing) and the wind would come flying out. Turns out I wasn't winding for long enough- I found average for winding about 5 minutes (I was doing about 30 seconds)

KeepTheFaithBaby Fri 19-Jul-13 09:54:14

Oh yes my DH and sister are way better at getting wind up than I am! Maybe they're firmer?

Sunnysummer Fri 19-Jul-13 12:31:38

Also on winding... If you have a sicky baby, you don't need to pat like the traditional way, which can upset the stomach - instead rub firmly upwards on the baby's left hand side, and keep it up for quite a few minutes, as suggested above!

tiktok Fri 19-Jul-13 12:40:00

Or don't bother winding at all. Whether the baby is sicky or not.

Kwatts1979 Fri 19-Jul-13 18:34:41

Thanks for all the excellent advise ladies, will be trying out all your tips. It's even just good to know all this is normal and will pass!

McBaby Fri 19-Jul-13 19:31:52

The cluster feeding will pass my LO fed from 5-10 pm every night for about ten weeks but it slowly got less and less and she went to bed earlier and earlier. Feet up, tv on and get someone to bring you food and drink.

itsaruddygame Sat 20-Jul-13 04:42:14

Cluster feeding is normal, utterly draining and exhausting but totally normal! My DS fed like this for weeks and weeks ... It drove me to the brink but I am glad we stuck it out and BF is now so easy and convenient (not to mention the health benefits). Keep doing what your doing and in time it will get easier!

Reiltin Sat 20-Jul-13 05:56:21

Kwatts, I'm in the same place as you. Nice to hear I'm not alone, though no useful advice! Particularly enjoying hearing baby will grow out of it! Good luck to us all :-)

MultipleMama Sat 20-Jul-13 10:23:08

Hi, tiktok. I mentioned water bottle because my HV and Dr recommended it when my LO were 6w. It was a suggestion I was given and worked for us but then I'm thinking of doing it on an air conditioned cool room like ours and wasn't taking into consideration, my mistake there.

As for water, I never would give a baby water. My twins have never had water as there's no need for it. I meant water bottle idea not a bottle OF bottle.

I know baby's being sick is normal but if she was worried then taking baby to GP wouldn't hurt. It could be normal and it could not be. Every baby is different. He may not help but it's the peace of mind he/she could offer. I know it was a relief hearing my baby being sick so much was normal coming from his doctor.

ThisIsYourSong Sat 20-Jul-13 10:51:39

Did you try a cranial osteopath? They claim (I've no idea whether its true or not) that a high need to suck can be due to discomfort from birth trauma etc

ThisIsYourSong Sat 20-Jul-13 10:53:19

Oh and it does get better! 4pm moves later, and 10pm moves earlier. It happens more quickly than you realise when you look back on it.

MoominsYonisAreScary Sat 20-Jul-13 17:03:44

Ds4 is nearly 6 months now, he was exactly the same until he was about 8 weeks. Sometimes I really hated it! Every day he cluster fed from around 5-10 or 11 at night and I was shattered and sore. It does get easier and I now love feeding him! Lots of people said I should try forcing a routine on him but I just ignored it and he settled into his own in the end.

We had the same happen again at 4 months and everyone advised weaning, which I ignored again and he settled down after a couple of weeks.

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