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BFing DD- options for lump in breast?

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fertilityFTW Wed 17-Jul-13 09:53:13

Found a fairly large lump in my breast as I was lifting it to DD's mouth. Kept forgetting about it (baby brain!) and finally remembered to check with GP at DD's last appt. GP said not much we can do as am BFing (keen to do 2 years if possible, only 10wks in atm).

Generally I'd put it out of my mind, but realised the other day that DD's been having an increasingly hard time latching onto that nipple as it seems to be caving in on itself a bit - I have to tweak it a lot and help her get a grip - and recall that's another symptom to look out for in breast self-exams.

Am wondering whether to go back to GP - might be a blocked duct or something? Though she didn't mention that as a possibility after having a feel. I'm loathe to take any invasive steps that may affect the BFing, but I don't want to be silly about it either if there's a potential risk.

Any advice/experiences?

AnythingNotEverything Wed 17-Jul-13 09:58:14

Go back to your GP and get a referral. They can investigate while breast feeding, and you want the opinion of someone who deals with breast lumps every day, not a GP.

There was a thread here last week about a lady with a lump who was getting poor healthcare due to breast feeding - I can't link to it but I think there was useful advice on there.

You can't wait two years for this to be investigated, and the changes need to be checked.

It's probably nothing, but you have to check!

Lonelybunny Wed 17-Jul-13 10:24:10

Ask to be referred to breast specialist , they have to give you an appointment within 2 weeks. I had a lump which my GP said was dense breast tissue but I was still concerned I saw a lovely breast specialist who was so so nice (a man) he said really nothing to worry about it's nodular tissue due to breastfeeding but ordered an ultrasound anyway for following week which is best when breastfeeding and all was well . It's probably a blocked duct but it's so quick and easy to get it checked these days .

McBaby Wed 17-Jul-13 10:33:40

Push to see breast specialist and get an ultrasound. I have multiple lumps but all seem to be cysts (i had a coupke drained incase they were abcessss as i had recurrant mastitus) the surgeon said he would check again when I have stopped feeding.

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